LETTERS  PCR #211      (April 5--11, 2004)

•  Filmmaker/writer Katharine Leis to be featured in the Miami Herald
•  Will Moriaty on Katharine Leis (includes correspondence with Jeb Bush)
•  New Reader (actress) comes aboard
•  Michael Goodman (Ciderview Project) touches base

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Hi Nolan,
Update! I've received GREAT news about the article (Re: "Filmmaker Incentives Programs", Frontpage. ---Nolan)... it is going to be in the Miami Herald!

If people actually do take the time to read it, they will educate themselves about WHY film projects are not coming to Florida instead of just complaining that there's no work here.

Letters and emails DO get noticed, especially if there are hundreds, or even thousands of them. The government does what the people want, especially near election time. I know there are thousands of people working or wanting to work as actors and crew here in Florida, so I hope everyone seizes this opportunity to speak up!

Honestly, I wouldn’t have gotten the nerve to send it to them had I not received the response I got from you and a few others.

Thank you.

Katharine [Leis]

Katharine, glad to be of help---that's what we do here, shout the message of the Tampa Film community to the world. And while I'm certainly gratified to know I make a small difference once in a while, it's people like you who are going to win the war. The article you wrote was terrific, well-researched and meaningful. It is I who am grateful you presented me with an opportunity to run something like that. ---Nolan


Good evening Ms. Leis:
That was both a timely and excellent article in this week's PCR.

I'll admit I took the LAZY way out as I incidentally spent three days in the State Capitol conducting State business and just got back to the Tampa area this evening.

Part of the wall that Florida's independent film industry is running into in this State is that so many big monied film companies and entertainment industries find the climate, scenery and low wages so attractive that the State's political machine feels that it does not need to provide tax incentives for independent operators such as yourself.

Every time that "Bad Boys" or "Fast and Furious" or "The Punisher" or an episode of "Karen Sisco" is filmed in this State, the State makes a ton of money. Last year Florida was cash poor to the tune of 4 billion dollars. The thinking then and now in Tallahassee is "why bother to give tax incentives (which reduces the income stream in a State solely dependent upon Sales Tax and disguised fees for revenue) to a struggling in-state industry when the big leaguers can come to us at full price?"

In my line of work at the Florida Department of Transportation I can honestly tell you that our Governor ordered us to do all in our power to accommodate the filming of the movie "The Punisher." The bottom line is that if he wanted to help the Florida Independent film maker as much as he did the producers of "The Punisher," you can rest assured that a film and entertainment incentive bill would have been signed into to law by now.

Your fight is noble and I stand with you in it.

I'm not trying to disillusion you or discourage you from moving ahead with this by pointing out what I did above, but I know the inner workings of this State's political machine pretty well, and have a pretty thorough understanding of how our State Government conducts business and what motivates it. I want to make sure that you "have your guns loaded" and understand some of these political complexities and realities before you decide to jump in full bore at the political level for such a great cause.

Keep up the exemplary work, and thanks again for walkin' the walk as well as talkin ' the talk.

William Moriaty

----- Original Message to Jeb Bush -----
From: Will Moriaty
To: jeb.bush@myflorida.com
Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2004 9:43 PM

Dear Governor Bush:
I am writing this e-mail to show my full support for a film and entertainment industry incentive program. I want to see more motion picture production in Florida, as it is of proven financial benefit to this great State, and we have the resources to accommodate a much greater amount of production.

Arizona, New Mexico, and Louisiana are three states aggressively pursuing production mainly through employee, investor, and equipment tax credits and it seems to be working. I’d like for you to add Florida to such innovative programs and keep our talent and monies in this State.

William Moriaty
Plant City, Florida

The Governor's Office responded to my e-mail in Memo form, but not personally:

----- Original Message from Jeb Bush ----- From: "Governor Jeb Bush"
To: "Will Moriaty"
Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2004 9:43 PM
Subject: Thank you for emailing Governor Jeb Bush

This serves as an immediate means to acknowledge my receipt of your message.

I am currently experiencing a large volume of e-mails, and your questions will be answered as soon as possible.

If you are writing about a specific piece of legislation, your comments will be considered before I take action.

I appreciate hearing from concerned citizens like you. Please feel free to continue to keep me informed on issues that are important to you. Thank you again for writing.

To subscribe to my weekly news update via e-mail, go to: http://www.myflorida.com/subscribe

Jeb Bush


Hey Nolan,
My name is Samantha. I'm a local (Tampa) actress. I just stumbled upon your website and I like It! I've been looking for some local websites to keep me up to date on the local film scene. Great job! I'm adding it to my favorites. Keep up the good work!

Samantha Grahn

And thank you, Samantha, for letting me know, it always counts! I'm always glad to hear from a new reader, especially one who has me in "Favorites"!! LOL! Welcome aboard, and please do stay in touch. ---Nolan


Thanks for the mention on the homepage (Re: Tampa Toy and Comic Show, this issue, #211 --N), I enjoyed the article. You really know how to enjoy yourself at these cons, which is something I wish more people could do! I enjoyed that you took time to talk to me! It was nice to meet you and your friends.

Take care,
Michael [Goodman]

And it was a pleasure to meet you too, my friend. I pledge to do a better job of covering the local underground/self-published/emerging/breakthrough comics scene this year than I have in years' past. Keep up the good work!---Nolan

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