LETTERS  PCR #214      (April 26--May 2, 2004)

 Rick Sousa on Tampa Venues

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Oh, wow, Will,
Talk about going back in time (Re: Lettercol, PCR 213.--Nolan). What memories...What about the Buffalo Roadhouse? On the corner of Buffalo and Armenia. Our punk band,"Your New Neighbors" (consisting of me, Vinnie Blesi, Adam Floyd, and my late brother, Steve) played there for a few nights in '82, along with bands Social Hair and Multiple Choice. Had a great gig, and a great time. Only downer was, after playing one night, when we got back to me and my old girlfriend Maria's house, somebody had broken into it! Thank goodness there was none of my equiptment in there! Another golden oldie was the Ms. Lucky Club...Good Times--Thanks for the heads up, Will!

Richard Sousa

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