LETTERS  PCR #217      (May 17--23, 2004)

•  Dr. Paul Bearer Fan on Ed Tucker
•  New Reader on Dr. Paul Bearer
•  Reader With Family Ties to The Mexican Burro (and Will Moriaty's respopnse)
•  Brandon: On Joshua's Iraq Article (And Josh's response)
•  Bobby Friss: Returning to The Keys

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I read Andy Lalino's recent visit from Ed Tucker (Re: "The Invasion of Ed Tucker", currently on this week's homepage.--N). I enjoyed the part where you 4 guys were talking about Dr. Paul Bearer.

I can remember the first time 30 years ago (Fri Nov 1,1974) I saw D.P.B. on "Fright Theater" (1973-77) showing a film called "Battle of the Worlds" (1961), starring Claude Rains. I can easily remember the opening to this show. Ed Tucker would have to drill me to jog my memory. To be honest, I thought D.P.B. was for real. I was so scared of him, but I was 8 years old at the time.

--Lonnie Dohlen

Geez, that's a pretty cool memory, too, Lonnie! So many of us were taken aback by the first appearance of the good Doctor, especially if it was during our formative years, which for most of us baby-boomers, it was. His deep and lasting impression never ceases to amaze me. I probably get more letters about Dr. Paul Bearer than any other personality, or for that matter, any other topic.

I didn't make a big point of it on the homepage, but the one big thing all four of us who met that night had in common is direct ties, in some way, to Dr. Paul Bearer. We've all met him at one time or another and had pictures taken (although mine was more by accident! LOL!) ---Nolan


Hey there,
I grew up watching Dr. Paul Bearer ever single Saturday afternoon from my home in St. Petersburg, FL. Creature Feature and Dr. Paul Bearer have made such a huge impact on my creative life that I could not even being to tell you.

I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to find a listing of the movies aired on that show. I am an attorney in NC now but I also write horror scripts and books and would love to track down some of those movies that I absolutely loved as a kid (and, which I still love!)

Please e-mail me soon as I am so terribly excited about any news you could provide!

Thanks a million and rememeber "I'll be lurking for you . . . . ."

Pedro Zabala II
Attorney at Law

Wow! We don't get too many lawyers down 'round these parts! Thanks so much for writing, Pedro, always good to hear from a fellow Creature Feature fan.

Just the other day, a few of us were wondering the very same thing as you: was there a way to secure or create a catalog of every movie ever shown on Creature Feature? Unfortunately, none of us know of any, but if someone had every TV Guide (or comparable document) from every weekend spanning the last 30 years, it might be possible.

I don't believe WTOG Channel 44 (the program's home base) kept much in the way of records. When it became a UPN affiliate in the late '90s I think much was just thrown away.

As far as any extant episodes of the series or any information, we've discovered eBay as about the best place to look. Keep an eye on that.

I'm glad to hear you're writing. Keep up with that, and feel free to send me anything for evaluation or opinion. The PO Box is at the bottom of the Crazed Fanboy homepage.

Keep the faith, and keep in touch. Thanks again for writing. ---Nolan


I have been enjoying reading your series on the Web page about airlines in Florida.

From 214....
"In addition to what was described in last week’s column, another one of my favorite memories of the many Sunday night dinners that I had with Greg Van Stavern at the Mexican Burro in South Tampa in the late 1970s and early to mid-1980s took place after our meal."

From 213....
"If you are a regular to my column you may recall my references to a former colleague named Greg Van Stavern. Greg and I were practically life-long friends until about one year ago. In the course of our 32-year-long friendship, one of my favorite memories was having Sunday dinners back in the late '70s and early '80s at the now defunct Mexican Burro restaurant on Gandy Boulevard in South Tampa."

It is interesting - and I did not know if you knew this - but my Uncle John - owned and operated the Mexican Burro from the start. It started out on North Dale Mabry in the 1960's long there was much of anything North of I-275. It was actually out where the old Tampa stadium was -- just a dirt parking lot and little old building.

It was moved down to Gandy - some years later and it even burned down a couple times. Uncle John Williams was my Grandmother's sisters son. He is still alive today - at the age of 84 - or is it 85??. My mom recently visited him - but I cannot remember where he lives. She told me he had moved around lots after selling the property and closing the Burro.

My Aunt Mable was my Uncle John's main server and cook for almost 35 years. She was my Grandmother's sister and is also still alive at the age of 96?? Maybe it is 97. She is in a nursing home - but still hanging in there.

Her son (my Aunt Mable) Donald - opened another "Mexican Burro" up just South of Bushnell. It is south of the city - on 301 and ???? It has lots of the same type of atmosphere of the old Burro. I have not been there in years - but I think my Mom said they were still open.

It is funny - but thinking back - we used to have huge family reunions at the Restaurant there at Xmas and Thanksgiving. It was the only place that we could get everyone into - a house just did not make it - LOL!

Wow - those were the days. Somewhere - I have a pic of me and my cuz playing pool when I was like 11 or 12 years old - on a Xmas day.

John Blechschmidt


Hey there, John! Yes I do remember years back your telling me about the Burro being owned and operated by your relatives. I also definitely remember Johnny Williams on the old Burro business cards!

I'm going to forward your letter to Nolan for inclusion in this week's Lettercol. Believe it or not, the Mexican Burro was a legendary South Tmpa landmark that practically has legend status amongst many of our readers and old time South Tampa residents.

Nobody had better chips and guacamole! Im glad to hear the Williams are still alive and kickin'!

Who knows, maybe we can get you to do an article on what the members of the Stranger band are doing nowadays!

There will be three more chapters on Florida's commuter airlines, and I think I've saved the best for last, where I'll be digging into the history of Air Florida (this one's for you Mr. Beasley!) and PBA/Naples.

Take care of yourself and I'll see you soon! Oh and yes, I also remember the Burro burning down a few times (the running joke was that the food was too hot to handle and if it did that to a building think of what it's done to your colon!)



How is John Kerry going to bring jobs back in a market that is expencing job growth? (Re:
"The Black Dog Bites Back", PCR #216.--N) If he wants to increase the minimum wage to $6.65, wont he be forcing major corporations to counter that cost increase by reducing hiring, laying off existing workers or increase the costs of goods? He's preventing as many opportuniities as he is claiming he's improving.

He wants to suppress a bill to allow a worker the opt out of overtime to accrue comp time. He's still supporting unions and unionizing which are corrupt covers that offer little benefit to workers in this day and age.

Did I mention that the protestor of outsourcing is married to Teresa, wealthy benefactor of the Heinz co. which has 57 of its 79 factories overseas.

They're all so corrupt it's sick.

Good, grounded response on Iraq. We need to be there, but we need to have a plan and we need to force the hand of the UN to back us or back off.

Brandon Jones

JOSH RESPONDS: The thing to remember about John Kerry is the fact that he is very flip-floppy on some subjects so we do not exactly know what the hell he is going to do. ---Josh Montgomery


Lots of great shows coming up for the band this summer. We'll be back in Key West on May 24-30 for our annual Memorial week stay at Sloppy Joe's. This is always a packed week and the crazies really come out to play. Then we head north to Wisconsin for a show on Water St. in downtown Milwaukee on June 4th at the Riverslash Festival. June 5th takes us even farther north to Hortonville, WI for a bike festival at Ray's Cycle and Hard Tail Saloon, outside, under the stars. June 11 and 12 we're back at our new favorite venue Club 152, on Beale St. in historic Memphis, TN. And don't forget we close out the month back in Milwaukee for Summerfest on June 26th. Hope to see some of you out at these great events.

Bobby Friss

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