LETTERS  PCR #220      (June 7--13, 2004)

 Will Moriaty On "Life Is A Rock" (From Top 10 Worst Songs)
 Ed Tucker on Creature Castle (with mine and Will Moriaty's responses)

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"To Will Moriaty: "Life is a Rock" is on your Top 10 Worst List? Say it ain't so!" (Re: Andy Lalino's objections noted in his own Top 10 List ---N)

It is so or I wouldn't have said it!

I was into Hendrix, Alice Cooper, Deep Purple and Yes (Album Rock) at the time and that song struck me as an AT 40 bubble gum overload.

It will have its proponents (Hi, ED!) but I stand firm that the song was Pure Unadulterated Evil!

Evil I say!

Will Moriaty


I am still reeling in awe from Will's "Creature Feature Cross Section" (Aren't we all! From this issue's La Floridiana --N). I have only vague memories of "Far Out Flicks" but we did get it in Ocala. Does Will have the Gainesville editions of the Fall Previews from '88 and '89? I am wondering if Creature Castle is listed. It would have been on Channel 20 at 11:30pm on Saturday nights. If it was not on during those years it was sure close.

The Creature Castle I have been meaning to send you guys the attached (and apparently extremely rare) pic and this is as good an excuse as I'll ever get. I would also like to move that the text of Will's column in regard to Creature Feature be segregated and placed into a permanent area on the site. I will do what I can to research and we can add whatever we can find as it comes in.

- ED [Tucker] -

Thanks for the cool pic, ED, no I can honestly say this one is news to me! William's response on his recollections of this are below. He kinda thew me for a loop with his outstanding start on the "Dr. Paul Bearer database" thing, I remember us talking about starting one, but it arrived as this week's "La Floridiana" (if he told me over pizza Friday that this was his plan, I obviously wasn't paying close enough attention). I absolutely need to move it to a better location (not that there's anything wrong with La Floridiana, gawd knows people have found horror stuff there before), that's perhaps more centrally-located so fans can see it upon arriving. --Nolan

Thanks for the compliments ED.

I do have both editions that you are talking about.

In the Fall Preview issue for 1988, LSU vs Florida (football) was telecast at 11:30 PM on Saturday October 1, 1988 on Channel 20.

In the Fall Preview issue for 1989, the Byron Allen show was telecast at that time slot. on September 9, 1989.

Sadly, I could find no evidence of any such program [as Creature Castle] in the time slot mentioned in those two editions during those two years. Also, I don't remember that show during my stay there those two years, and I'm sure I would have watched something like that.

I usually ended up watching the occaisonal sci-fi horror flicks on Ocala's Fox affiliate WOGX..

- Will

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