LETTERS  PCR #221      (June 14--20, 2004)

 Radio Legend Tedd Web on Nolan Canova (and Nolan's Response)
 Andy Lalino on PCR #219
 Reader has a Trivia Question (And ED Tucker comes to the rescue!)

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Hi Nolan,
I love your website and visit it quite frequently, I think you do a marvelous job. I have passed on your site to several Tampa bananas, and they love it too. You are truly a Tampa treasure.

God bless,

THE MR. TEDD WEBB?!?!!? My GOD, this is an honor! I am truly humbled by your writing me. Talk about a "Tampa Treasure"!! You sir, are an inspiration to me and to ALL of us into local and national pop culture.

I've listened to you on the radio for decades it seems. I was not an avid radio listener until the '80s ('60s and '70s memories are vague--LOL). Q-105 in the '80s when I was at the Book Nook at Britton Plaza was when it picked up for me (Mason Dixon was a regular customer). Then on WFLA when I started my security job in the mid-'90s (you were on after Art Bell I think), right up until my current place of loathsome employment which forbids radios but I sneak in a headset anyway (OK, it's a 7-Eleven, but it's part-time and I'm on my way outta there; and Shayna Lance is a semi-regular customer, I'll miss her--we do email occasionally, though). But Tedd Webb. Wow. The voice of Tampa.

I would have no way of knowing if you ever run into WFLA newscaster Arch Deal face-to-face much, but if you do, mention my name to him. His son Douglas and I were in rock-metal bands in the '80s and had a great time. I'm sorry I lost track of him, haven't heard from him in a couple years now.

You've got a pretty nice website, too, Tedd. I like the fade transitions, my compliments to the webmaster.

Thank you for your support. And keep up the good work yourself. I don't know what to say. The PCR Lettercol is shining especially bright this week with this addition!!

Thank you for your patronage and God bless you too, sir.

Sincerely (and freaked),
Nolan B. Canova
The World of Nolan

(After my gushing, Tedd replied: Thank you for the good words, you made me blush at times, but I appreciate your kindness. --Teddy. Ha ha, back atcha, Tedd.--Nolan)


La Floridiana
A thousand "thank-yous" to William Moriaty who painstakingly researched the specific movie airings on "Creature Feature", "Shock Theater", "Fright Theater" and "Elvira" for certain dates documented in the TV reference materials he owns. Paired up with Lonnie Dohlen's data, you have a solid foundation on which to build even more listings of what played when and on what date on the beloved Creature Feature and like horror shows. I did call the Safety Harbor library reference desk, who notified me that microfilm documents of the St. Pete. Times' TV Guide would have to be researched at the main library on 9th Ave. One day soon I hope to go there and do that.

Thanks again, Will. I know Nolan is planning on making your findings a permanent part of the N'SPCR/CF home page (Yessirree, sir! Right Here.) --N)

Here are a few Oddservations about Will's notes:

  • I forgot Albert ("Dr. Cyclops") Dekker was in the original '66 "Gammera". Note "Gamera" can be spelled two ways.
  • "Conquest of Space" was a very early sci-fi film that I always managed to miss on Cre-Fea. Damn!
  • I recall "The Most Dangerous Man Alive" being somewhat of a letdown, even as a little kid.
  • "Before I Hang" - always was disappointed by Karloff's pseudo-horror films of that era. "Curucu, Beast of the Amazon" was one that I didn't much look forward to either.
  • "Curse of the Living Corpse" (an early Roy Scheider film!) was one of my favorite memories of Cre-Fea. Now that was a movie to look forward to! "The Creeping Terror" too. Larry Buchanan's "The Eye Creatures", a low bloodget remake of "Invasion of the Saucer Men" was a real bad movie treat, esp. in '82. It aired recently on FLIX, a Buchanan-friendly network.
  • Man, I'd love to see "Valley of the Dragons" and "Voyage Into Space" (hi, Ed!) again!

Another thanks to Will for agreeing with my theory of the genre film (horror/sci-fi/fantasy) collapsing as a major cinematic force in 1987 and which continues to be in a state of disarray. Our only hope is to first steer pop culture back toward album rock, disco, Punk, and New Wave and get kids of this new generation to sport Mohawks and A Flock of Seagulls owl haircuts. Then, we will have a strong foundation on which to build up the genre film once again to the glory it attained from '77 to '86.

BTW, Will, I'm starting a Reunion fan club in response to your comments about "Life is a Rock". (HAHAHAHA! Well, of course you are! ---Nolan)

Top 10 Worst Songs
Forgot about "The Electric Slide" - truly the pits.

Andy Lalino


I am an old gink (70) and am hunting high and low (mostly low) for the original lyrics to, "The Automobile Song." This wunnerful bit of fluff was done about 1945 or '46 by Benny Bell. Any suggestions as to where I might find them? A true love song.

My older brother, now deceased, had this ol' platter, 78 RPM, of course, immediately following the "real war." World War II. The year would have been 1945 or '46.

I remember the intro and the first line. And that's it. Let me hasten to explain that in addition to being 70 years old, I have also had brain surgery which pretty well erased nearly all of my memory banks. Here for your staff of experts is the intro and opening line. And, please don't let them let me down.

"A couple they were seated in a little automobile,
they were sweethearts and they didn't care who knew.
He was an automobile mechanic working steady thruout the year,
so in terms of his profession, he whispered in her ear.

Will you love me when-----------------"

...and from that point on, it is a total blank. There are references to carburetors, pistons, connecting rods, etc. Since you are THE recognized authority on matters of this sort, I am pinning my faith in you. Now get busy.

Thanks for your help.
Sincerely and with best wishes,
Ken S.
Dayton, Ohio

P.S. I am very uncertain, but the flip side may have been, "Roll Me Over In The Clover."

Ken, thanks so much for writing! Regrettably, I was unable to find any more information than you did even after diligent searching on the 'net for the better part of a half hour! Oh, there are plenty of references to "The Automobile Song" (and its extended title "Will You Love Me When..."), and to Benny Bell, but no lyrics available that I could find.

However....you've come to the right place. There are crazed pop culture fans reading this right now (and my ballyhooed staff of experts of course) who will JUMP at this challenge and satisfy our curiosity! Most are a lot better at search engine taming than I am.

OK, crazed fans, you heard the man--get busy! LOL! Mail any links you find (or any lyics, whatever) directly to me and I'll forward them to Ken AND publish them right here! ---Nolan


Here's the answer to your trivia question. This is a little out of my area of expertise but I managed to track it down.

- ED -

The Automobile Song
By Benny (Bell) Samberg
In album Shaving Cream (Vanguard 79357, 1975)

A couple was once seated in a little motor car,
They were sweethearts and they didn't care who knew
They were holding hands together as the motor loudly roared
And the price of gas went up to sixty-two
He was an automobile mechanic working steady throughout the year
And in terms of his profession, he whispered in her ear...
Will you love me when my carburetor's busted,
Will you love me when I cannot shift my gears?
When my spark plug is as dead as Kelsey's doorknob,
And my clutch begins to slip, will you shed tears?
Will you love me when my old exhaust gets noisy,
Will you love me when my pump is on the blink?
By heck,
When my fender has a dent,
And my piston-rod is bent,
Will you love me when my flivver is a wreck?
Will you love me when my fuel pipe is empty,
Will you love me when my rear end's worn and torn,
Will you love me when my rim-rod's old and rusty,
Will you love me when I cannot blow my horn?
Will you love me when my inner tube is busted,
Will you love me when my tank begins to leak?
By heck,
When the junkman says, "No use",
And my nuts and bolts are loose,
Will you love me when my flivver is a wreck?

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