LETTERS  PCR #223      (June 28--July 4, 2004)

 ED Tucker on Ray Dennis Steckler Interview

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I just wanted to drop you a line and update you on the status of my interviews. The Ray Steckler piece is completed and was intended to be out be out by now. I sent the interview to Ray for approval and he was in the process of reviewing it and making some alterations when he had a heart attack. At the moment he is in the hospital and I am waiting on an update on his condition. I do not feel comfortable moving forward with this until Ray is better and has a chance to finish reviewing it. The article also contains a special offer for PCR readers and I am sure that Ray would want to be a position to make good on this before it is published. I am working overtime on the Ted Mikels piece and will try to get it to you as soon as possible.

- ED [Tucker] -

ED, my boy, I'm sure I speak on behalf of the whole of fandom, which includes the staff of the PCR, when I say to please convey to Ray our sincerist wishes for a speedy recovery! As for yourself, I know you're working under a lot of pressure, but I know the outcome will be another outstanding contribution to crazed fandom like everything else you've ever done! We look forward very much to the Steckler and Mikels' pieces; and to a long and healthy life for all participants! ---Nolan

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