LETTERS  PCR #224      (July 5--11, 2004)

 Andy Lalino on Tedd Webb and Spider-Man 2

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Nice score getting a letter from Tedd Webb (or as Lionel calls him Tedd-d-d Webb-b-b!), Nole! I've been to Tedd's site many times and love the nostalgia he spotlights (Dr. Paul Bearer/Dick Bennick is listed). Have you checked out the funny pictures he's got on there? Hilarious! Tedd Webb is truly one of the great ones. If you really want to get a laugh, log on to his site and search for a picture of him from the early/mid '70s. He had a 'fro that puts the drummer from "Boston" to shame! It's always a delight hearing him on WFLA, although I'd love for him to do 3 hour political (Republican-tinged, of course!) commentary more often, as I think most talk show listeners would. We love ya, Teddie!

Hope everyone got a kick out of the Lonnie Dohlen/Dr. Paul Bearer database piece(s) by you and I. (Re: PCR #223 and Oddservations, PCR #223. ---N) I can't express how fun it was glancing over old '70s newspapers on microfilm. Being that I was an avid TV-watcher in the '70s' (unlike now) thumbing through old St. Pete. Times "TV Dial" guides really took me back. I really have to add that once again it incited anger in me, comparing the old '70s ads for "Shriek Theater" in our everyday TV Guides to today's television offerings, which, and I'm reading verbatim here, feature ads for: "Friends" and "Steinfeld" reruns (the definition of lame). We didn't fully appreciate it at the time (had we, it would have inspired us to save every issue of "TV Dial"), but we were so incredibly lucky to have grown up during an era where we could enjoy monster double-features every Saturday afternoon, along with a legendary horror host, and even have drive-in like ads right in our own TV Dial! The depression I feel as I'm haunted by the 1990's and 2000's when I pick up modern versions of the TV guide and see friggin' 'Urkel' leaves me utterly depleted.

If only we Fanboys got together and started a grass-roots movement to shift mainstream (and Fanboy) mindsets back to that kind of sci-fi/horror/fantasy fun, we'd be one happy bunch. I hope someday that all comes back so new generations can experience the wonder that is "Gamera vs. Monster X", "Demons", and "The Little Rascals" rather than "ER", "Lizzy McGurie the Movie", and "The Bachelor". I mean, what are we doing here?

Uh, movin' on...I've been enjoying the "Spider-Man 2" chatter. Now there's a modern movie worthy of Fanboy respect, I gave it a very positive review in this week's Oddservations. I'm a big fan of the original, however the casting of what's-his-name as Peter Parker and who's she as Mary Jane just didn't cut it. I also thought Peter's relationships with MJ, and his Aunt and Uncle seem kind of forced. Glad to see Raimi back for a second helping (what happened to "30 Days of Night"?). I think it was a stroke of brilliance casting Alfred Molina as "Doc Ock". Nice to see he's not wearing a mask, like the Green Goblin did in the first film (a huge mistake).

I am very glad to hear Mike Smith's son is recovering. We'll say a special prayer for him. May his recuperation be swift and steady, Mike.

I would like to wish Ray Dennis Steckler well too. It was revealed to me by Nolan during our Dr. Paul Bearer database excursion that he had suffered a heart attack. May he speedily recover as well.

- Andy Lalino

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