LETTERS  PCR #225      (July 12--18, 2004)

 Alabama Reader on La Floridiana (and Will Moriaty's response)
 Ken Hall on "The Automobile Song"
 Rick Sousa on The Couch Potato (and Vinnie Blesi's response)
 Vinnie Blesi on the PCR
 Steve Beasley on the PCR and La Floridiana

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


I ran across one of your past La Floridiana web sites, but do not know whether you are still updating those. I thought you might be interested in (if you are not already aware of) my books from the University Press of Mississippi, DIXIE BEFORE DISNEY: 100 YEARS OF ROADSIDE FUN (1999) and FLORIDA'S MIRACLE STRIP: FROM REDNECK RIVIERA TO EMERALD COAST (2004). Both deal with Florida tourism, although the former of the two covers the rest of the South as well. If you haven't already seen these, I think you would find them interesting.

Until July 31, the museum at Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta is hosting an exhibit of my Southern tourism memorabilia, and after it closes there, we hope to send it "on the road" (what better place for roadside artifacts?). As yet I do not know when or if it will be coming to Florida, but it should someday. I will try to keep you updated if it is heading that way.

Keep up the good work!
Birmingham, AL


Hello Mr. Hollis:
It is an honor to hear from you! I read about your two books in a review in the Tampa Tribune within the past month. I plan to buy one or both of the books and do a review in La Floridiana.

As this has been such a hectic and weird year for me I have even been late on my review of Tim Dorsey's latest book which allegedly even mentions the 7-Eleven Nolan works part-time at!

Once the review for your book(s) is up and running I'll send you a link.

Keep up the great work, and thanks for your interest in our on-line publication!



Dear Nolan,
First off.....10,000 apologies for my tardiness in thanking you. I have been in Kansas visiting some ailing kinfolk and have just returned home to Ohio.

Secondly.....10,001 thanks for coming up with the words to "The Automobile Song." (Published in Letters, PCR #221. --N)  I reckon special thanks go to senior writer Ed Tucker. I knew my trust in you (and your associates) had not been misplaced. It has probably been nearly sixty years since I heard the song. My older brother brought it to the house when he returned from "the war" in 1945.

And, lastly.....how do I find my way back to your website? I am not only 70 years old, but have also had brain(?) surgery. I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer nowadays.

Best wishes,
Ken Hall

Ken, by now you have my personal response to your letter and I included my website's location. By the time you read this, Ed Tucker will have also read your letter and I think I can speak for him when I say "we're only glad to help"! Keep in touch my friend, and stay well. ---Nolan


Hey, Vinnie!
Did the same thing last weekend, and thought it was a classic Cure album also (Re: "The Grandfathers of Goth", The Couch Potato, PCR #224. --N). I especially liked "Before Three", and "I Don't Know What's Going On". Jan and I are going to see them when they come to town on the 25th. Always one of our favorites.

Hope all is well,
Rich Sousa

Hi, thanks for the feedback, the boss will probably let me keep my job for another week, :). Enjoy The Cure show, I am afraid I am unable to make this show.

Take Care,


Just wanted to say that the last two PCRs have been among your finest. Keep up the good work. I also wanted to congratulate that artist who does the Flash Fantastic covers, his work is always excellent. :)

Take care,

Vinnie, I'm sincerely moved by your comments and all I can say is with support like yours, I'm intent on keeping it up till I fall over dead. OK, maybe not the most poetic way of thanking you for the compliment, but I mean it, thank you so much.

I am especially glad you like the Flash Fantastic covers -- a labor of love much like the PCR, but it is a lot of work. And to those out there in fandom land who've been wondering--yes, that's me who does all the FF covers. ---Nolan


I can't get over how great the website (yours) looks now. Please let Will know that every time WEDU Channel 3 showed the "Totch" video, I watched it. (Re: Book Review, La Fla, PCR #224 --N) Totch reminded me of my grandfather who was a similar sort but on the Okeefenokee Swamp, rather than the Everglades. The old family homestead is still in the Swamp as part of the heritage thing, so now I have to pay to see the old homeplace. Seminole Indian Chief Billy Bowlegs' old homestead is there, too. With my grandfather being Cherokee and Billy being Seminole, I can only assume that the different tribes got along well, though I don't really know.

Steve Beasley
Auckland, NZ

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