LETTERS  PCR #230     (August 16--22, 2004)

•  Andy Lalino on ED Tucker's Ted Mikels Interview (and ED Tucker's response)
•  Reader Feeds Back on Dr. Paul Bearer's Hearse (And ED Tucker's response)

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


Congrats on the long-awaited TVM interview! It was well worth the wait! I think I was most surprised by Mikel's involvement in one of my faves, "Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things". He really made the right move supporting up-and-coming filmmakers Bob Clark and Alan Ormsby (although I think Seth "Orville" Sklarey would take issue with Ormsby...).

I think you really hit on the topics B-movie fans really wanted to hear about: John Carradine, the "cardboard box" that was the Corpse-Grinding machine, the triple-features, and his new work. Were you telling me "The Doll Squad" influenced the "Charlie's Angels" TV series?

I've seen only a few of Mikel's films. I have "The Corpse Grinders" on VHS (in a gorgeous, early '80s plastic case). I have both "Undertaker..." (although not a TVM film) and "Astro-Zombies" on DVD, but haven't watched them yet. I'd love to see "The Doll Squad" and "Blood-Orgy of the She-Devils" too, but haven't picked up those yet.

A note from Lonnie Dohlen: "Gamera vs. Monster X" is available on DVD by Retromedia.

- Andy Lalino
Director / Producer / Screenwriter "Filthy"
President, Metropol Productions, Inc.

Hi Andy,
Glad you like the TVM piece. The Ray Steckler piece is pretty cool, too. If I can just get him to approve it, I will get it up, too. Well according to TVM, Doll Squad was the inspiration for Charlie's Angels and there are a lot of coincidences (all female team, lead character named Sabrina, boss named Charlie, etc.). I love "Children...", too, and up until recently I had no idea Ted was involved, either. "Corpse Grinders" and "Astro Zombies" are probably Ted's best films. I have the Retromedia Gamera DVDs except for the new "Return of the Giant Monsters". I own the 16mm print that they mastered "Attack of the Giant Monsters" from. A company called Alpha Video also puts out DVDs of these films for $5.

- ED -


Dear Ed,
As I stated before, my memory really does BLOW CHUNKS!!! (Re: Lettercol, PCR #227 and the confusing history of Dr. Paul Bearer's hearse. --N)

I recently spoke with Scott @ BG, (who is in charge of the [Busch Gardens] Howl-O-Scream event), and much to his regret, they had indeed covered over the “Dr. Paul Bearer” logos while he was away. I spoke with him face-2-face and he really did seem regretful about it. So what I was thinking, is that if you can find enough loyal fans to complain or create a petition, and direct it to him. Then that may give him a bargaining chip to take to his higher-ups and they may actually restore it! I apologize if I got your hopes up!!!!! I guess that in my heart it was kind of wishful thinking.

Good luck, and again I’m sorry for the mix-up.

Yours truly,
Jason Good

Thank you very much for the information and for doing the follow-up. I sincerely doubt that Busch Gardens is going to do anything to change Dr. Paul Bearer's hearse back after painting over it. The only logical explanation I think of, which BG will obviously not admit to, is that they spent a bunch of money restoring the car and then didn't get the draw they expected from it. If this were not the case, they could have easily found a junker hearse for $500, put a $200 paint job on it and be right where they are now without touching the original. I will be happy to give the petition a shot, though, because I think I know where I can find some loyal Dr. Paul Bearer fans!

- ED -

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