LETTERS  PCR #232     (August 30--September 5, 2004)

 Jason Liquori With Advice About Pets During Hurricanes
 Reader updates La Floridiana plane crash story: al-Qaeda connection

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


Of course, we're all concerned with our own safety and that of our loved ones during times of crisis like the major hurricane we've suffered recently in Florida (Charley), and another on the way (Frances).

I heard some good advice on the radio concerning pets. Use a piece of duct tape and permanent marker to put your contact info on your pet's collar. I would like to add that putting the number of an out of state friend or family member may be helpful as well. This way, should our phones go out, there will be someone to contact who knows how to find you. Be sure they know you are doing this. Xena and Val, my dogs, already have theirs on including NY contact info.

Also, when buying supplies, be sure to consider pets' needs as well. Buy some extra food and water should you be stuck at home. Your dog may seem small, but be sure to have enough water for the hot days that may lie ahead if the power goes out. Wiping down your pet with the cool water from melted cooler ice may provide some relief. Don't use ice cold water though.

On a practical note: Walk your pooches and clean the litter box before things get rough. You don't want an accident or smelly litter box while hiding in the dark waiting for Frances to pass. And I have heard that after it is all over, dog owners should go for a walk and let their pets get used to all the new smells. Be sure to do this in safe areas. Watch for powerlines and debris as always.

Watch the birds. When they start taking off in flocks, get off the road and inside the house.

Best wishes to everyone. Together we will be fine. "See" you all soon at PCR.

Jason L. Liquori
Hocus Focus Productions


I just read an update to your excellent piece FLIGHT 587: TERRORISM, STRUCTURAL FAILURE, OR BAD MAINTENANCE? (Re: WAaaaaaay back in La Floridiana, PCR #87! --N)

Seems the investigation is now being updated: Canadian intelligence sheds new light on Nov. 12, 2001 American Airlines flight 587 crash over New York in which 268 died: It was no accident, al-Qaeda operative Abderrauouf Jdey was responsible. http://www.debka.com/

--Gabi Cohen

   Thank you for the link Mr. Cohen, and for your interest in our publication! I will forward your letter to be used in this week's letter column of Nolan's Pop Culture Review.
    For our readers, a direct link to the article on Flight 587 in the DEBKAfile on-line publication can be found at: http://www.debka.com/article.php?aid=897

William Moriaty
"La Floridiana"

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