LETTERS  PCR #234     (September 13--19, 2004)

  Samantha Grahn on Baylife article
  Andy Lalino on Baylife article and PCR #233
  Vinnie Blesi on Deadguy's "Powerless" essay (from PCR #233)

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.

Readers: While I appreciate the attention everyone has given to this issue's "cover story", i.,e., The Baylife Article on Crazed Fanboy, it is not my intention to browbeat or disparage Tampa Tribune reporter Josh Politilove. After all, it was due to him I was promoted to Friday's Baylife section from what was supposed to be a "South Tampa section-only" piece to run during the week. For that I am sincerely grateful. I think Josh was trying to portray a struggling underdog, but went for no real punchline and apparently didn't get what we're truly about which was unfortunate, but I've already had my say and made my peace (I'm still convinced an editor screwed with it). I did receive many, many letters regarding the article. Some like ED Tucker and filmmaker Katharine Leis requested their letters not be published. Mike Smith sent a letter to the Trib, and William and I wrote directly to Josh (no responses as far as I know, nor are any expected). Matt Drinnenberg wrote about his feelings in this week's Rail. I am gratified at the solidarity fandom has shown and am completely reassured of your confidence in me and for that, too, I am eternally grateful. That having been said, I decided to publish two representative letters just to mark the occasion. ---Nolan


Hello Nolan,
It's Samantha Grahn here. (Weekly reader of your website!) I just had to write in and let you know that I felt that Tribune article was totally off the mark! I don't know you personally, but from what I can tell by your website, it's not "all about you". I enjoy reading your website weekly because, as an artist, it gives me a look at what is going on locally and what the people in my hometown think and feel. I can get movie reviews, (both independent and main stream), I can get info on Florida history (which I love), information on the local Tampa Indie scene, political views, and even silly things like the top 10 lists (of which I contributed to once). I read it weekly and I read almost all of the articles that your "10 unpaid writers" contribute. Doesn't this Josh Poltilove guy get it? (apparently not!) The internet is a fabulous place for people to get together and voice their opinions and share ideas and knowledge of the world around us. In today's day and age people from all walks of life can get together and "talk" about all kinds of things. Your website allows us to do that. Does that make it self-indulging on your part? No way! In my opinion, you're sharing your website with us (for free!) so we can all come together and give our opinions is unselfish.

And I am certainly not one of "the intellectual, geeky, dorky sci-fi fans" that this guy seems to think your website attracts! Who cares if you work part time at a 7-Eleven, used to play in a rock band (Very cool I might add), ride a bike, like to save money or are an atheist? How does making up stupid titles for you contribute to what your website is about? Why would he tell readers that you took a cab because you "didn't want to get sweaty"? I would have too! It felt more like an attack than an informational article.

Um, and [public access TV's] White Chocolate is NOT a "reformed pimp". Maybe a wannabe "reformed pimp"! I went to school with and personally knew Mr. Charles Perkins. We were in Theater together all through Junior and Senior high school. What's really sad is that Charles is an incredibly talented actor, but he is a bit wacky and never lived up to his potential. He had the opportunity to star in a Nickelodeon sitcom when we were in Junior High. They came to our school for a casting call. They wanted him to be in the show and he said no! He didn't want to! I forget what his reason was, but I can tell you it was silly. I remember when the preverbal shit hit the fan back a couple of years ago in regards to the public access station. I had a friend that worked there and she used to tell me about what was going on. Ronda Storms had no right to stick her nose into it! Public Access is there for ANYBODY, and I mean ANYBODY, to put together a show for whatever reason they want. It should not be censored. If you don't like what you are seeing, then turn the station! I remember way back when Joe Redner had that stupid "Miss Tampa Nude Pageant". What a load of crap I thought that was! But, I didn't call and complain about it. I just chose not to watch.

Boy, I've rambled on! Anywho, I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work. I still enjoy your website and I hope that the Baylife article will bring you some more readers.

Samantha Grahn


Weird Web Site
I suppose we all have our opinions on Josh Poltilove's Crazed Fanboy article, "Opinion-Maker Calls the Shots On His Weird Web Site". I try to look on the bright side of things, especially when it comes to (free) publicity. Though Josh may have missed the mark, the silver lining is that Nole got more hits on the site and may have acquired new fans.
Matt seemed to take issue with how Josh painted the writers/readers/Nole himself as "weird"; I kind of wear that on my sleeve. I mean, people who care more about Vincent Price, John Carradine, and Ted V. Mikels are not the stuff of your ordinary American slob, who stares at the boob tube to see who J-Lo's latest squeeze is. To equate me with that kind of person is a personal insult, so call me weird, please. If being "weird" is somewhat defined as preferring "Tales of Terror" over "Legally Blonde", "City of the Walking Dead" over "The Princess Diaries Part 2", and Simple Minds over Marc Anthony, I'm the biggest fucking weirdo on the planet - and proud of it.

Getting back to the article itself; man, it's damned hard to believe Nole is 49! He doesn't look a day over 48 3/4 (*snicker!* - just kidding Nole - you're the fountain of youth). I also didn't know he was an atheist (Oooo! You're in trouble!) and is a Libertarian!!! Aren't Libertarians supposed to lean more Republican?!? You're a true rebel, Nole. I liked where Josh called Nole a "Star Trek" buff (I also noticed Nole commented on that in his editorial). I believe it would have been more accurate to categorize him as a "Lost in Space" buff. Is it true you target "geeky, dorky sci-fi fans"? I'd have to say the site leans more toward horror, with Matt's "Masters of Horror" mentions, my Oddservations column, Mike's/Ed's/Lonnie's contributions, and Nole's occasional topical editorials.

Now Nole; about your writers being unpaid...*begins painting "On Strike!" sign*

I just noticed a reference (I think by Brandon) about my ill-received John Kerry-as-the-TV-Oompa Loompa graphic. Josh used it to point out how occasionally "controversial" CF is.

While it may not have been the ultimate retrospective on what Crazed Fanboy/PCR really is, you have to credit Josh Pontilove and the Tampa Tribune for running the story and exposing more "weirdoes" to Nole's site. Congrats, O' fearless leader.

PCR #233

La Floridiana
Enjoyed Will's "Florida Curiosities" feature I recall the St. Pete. Beach attraction "The London Wax Museum". I wonder whatever happened to those wax statues? Man, what I would give for the Frank, Drac, and Wolfman statues from the "Chamber of Horrors"! Will, do you recall "The Stars Hall of Fame" wax museum that once stood in Orlando near Sea World? You mentioned "Castle Dracula". Does the book say where that was?

Rant Against Bush
I found Nicholas Rex's "Rant Against Bush" somewhat suspect. Initially, it's hard for me to believe a youngster like Nick would vote Republican, but of course I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. It's a rarity indeed that a Bush voter would have second thoughts especially after 9/11 (which is why I found the piece suspect).

As far as tax cuts, I got me a nice check back from the gov't - trust me, Nick, Bill Clinton/Dems would never concede to give people their money back, even though it wasn't the most generous amount. They're too busy spending it on important government studies, such as testing the speed of ketchup flow. As far as the economy goes, please realize that 9/11, just like these hurricanes, had a lasting effect on the economy. We're lucky it didn't tank more than it did, due to W's strong leadership in an hour of crisis. I'd say we pulled through okay. Please don't blame the Prez (Repub or Dem) for those lazybones who can't make it out of the $25,000/year trap. Chances are there are good reasons for that: smoking, poor money planning, not clipping coupons, impulse buying, drinking, a wasted opportunity to educate themselves - the list goes on and on.

No connection between Iraq and Al-Qaeda, huh? How would you go about explaining that you know this is a 100% fact? If you have a dingleberry of a doubt, I'd go with assumption that rat bastard Soddamn Insane had it in for our country and heavily participated in the attack of 9/11.

Lastly, we're not a "financially bankrupt nation" and when you're a lone superpower, you bet your bottom dollar everyone and their mother wants to bring you down - no matter what politician is in office.

Andy Lalino


To Mike "Deadguy"
As a fellow native, I must congratulate you on your
"Powerless" piece in last week's PCR. It totally summed up all the feelings and experiences that most of us felt in the Bay area (except for the chainsaw incident). Great writing. Hopefully we will see more of your writing in PCR in the near future.

Take care,
Vinnie Blesi

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