LETTERS  PCR #236     (September 27--October 3, 2004)

  Brandon Jones on the World of PCR

Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.



I just wanted to take a couple seconds of your time.

First off, congrats on Nolan Radio. I know it's been part of your bigger vision for the PCR for a long, long time and thanks for asking me to help you test the system with a little ad lib. It was fun.

On that same note, how awesome is Lisa Zubek? She sounded like a true professional correspondent, ripping out a report for "Nolan Radio". Fantastic.

And Nolan, fantastic is just what the PCR continues to be. I'm so flattered that you keep indulging my opinions/comments and those of others. It's not easy to find a forum for debate and discussion, let alone one with so many different points of view.

Hundreds of sites have sheep lined up to say "You're right" and "Exactly" to every point made for discussion, but the PCR is so much more than that.

The core nucleus of Fandom still reigns supreme. Last week we had a another great book review, discussions of music (with a top ten list challenge) and of course, another great review by Mike Smith. Vinnie's memoirs of "Advent" are amazing and show how connected artists really are. Readers should see the frustration and parallels to independent filmmaking or a local band.

The Rants, the Rails, the politics...the site has it all and I'm spreading the word.

Sometimes in our busy lives we just forget to say a few really powerful words -- Thank you, Nolan.

Brandon Jones
Valrico, FL

Wow, what can I say to that...except "you're welcome," of course! And thank YOU for being part of the finest group of writers and reviewers assembled anywhere on the planet, I am indeed a very lucky man to have stumbled on such an intelligent and subversive crew -- ha ha. I accept your accolades with much gratitude, thank you very much again for that, but I also keep it all in perspective: there's no way I could've done all this alone. So to get a nice pat on the back every once in a while from one of you guys always means a lot to me. Thank you, Brandon. ---Nolan

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