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  Brandon Jones on Matt's Rail, PCR #238
  New reader critical of Nolan's older PPBII review

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Re: Matt's Rail -- It's Just Fair Game

Dispicable? Yeah, John Kerry is dispicable.

Last I checked it wasn't Mary Cheney running for an office. While she supports her father's efforts and has taken a leadership role in the straight-gay Republican alliance, she is not in the forefront of this campaign.

Why not mention Dick Gephardt's daughter Chrissy? Is he afraid to align himself with the gay activist Democrat? No, he chose to make up a comment for a woman he may never have met.

Campaign Manager Mary Beth Cahill said it was "fair game." Well, John Edwards introduced her name in the debate with Dick Cheney, but it's not a strategy or calculated.

Kerry is simply preying on the prejudices of voters. Very similar to his "back door draft" comments from the first debate. Reality is that recently 65% of Democrats polled were opposed to gay marriage and the issue is said to have cost Gephardt the Democratic nomination. Don't segregate even more of your base, attack the other side -- at any cost.

This isn't about her being gay, it's about Kerry using Mary Cheney for his political means.

Dispicable? Just fair game.

How about Mrs. Edwards claiming that the Cheneys showed "a certain degree of shame with respect to her daughter's sexual preferences." because of the issue. Uh, no. They didn't care their daughter being used as political pawn. Let's reverse the roles and the Cheneys would be portrayed as Nazis against gays.

Dispicable? Just fair game.

Let me tell you about about the Craig Fitzhugh (D-Ten) who is handing out anti-Bush flyers that read: "Voting for Bush Is Like Running In The Special Olympics: Even If You Win, You're Still Retarded."

Democrats say the flier was planted by the GOP, "shady Republican operatives" -- I knew Bush was to blame. Maybe it was Cheney's lesbian daughter. It's just fair game.

The Swift Boats, the National Guard, Michael Moore, John O'Neill, Sinclair, CBS -- it's all just fair game.

Brandon Jones

(Matt responds to Brandon's letter in this week's Matt's Rail.---Nolan)


From your review in issue 189: "The performer does a decently passable impersonation of Dick Bennick's character (it's a little too fast, but then again, he's a younger man)."

I saw Creature Feature this past Saturday. I thought he was supposed to be the nephew to Dr Paul Bearer, not impersonating the original. He did a good job.

I grew up with Dr. Paul Bearer, channel 44 and his appearances at Cypress Gardens. It's nice that his memory and what he attempted to do, is being carried on. It's fun for young kids, and something parents that grew up with Paul Bearer can now share with their children.


Barkerbud, thanks so much for writing! The review you quoted was from an issue of PCR almost a year old. At the time I had at best a lukewarm interest in this new character, Professor Paul Bearer II. My impression was they were trying to re-create Dick Bennick's original character as closely as possible to simulate his presence regardless of what his "relationship" was supposed to be.

I, too, saw the last two weeks' worth of the new Creature Feature, and while I was largely disappointed in the first episode, the second episode saw much improvement. I see now where they're going with this.

The new version will not please everybody, but it is winning me over.

Thanks so much for writing! ---Nolan

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