LETTERS  PCR #244     (November 21--28, 2004)

  Jason Liquori on the Holy Cheese Sandwich
  Vinnie Blesi on Oddervations and U2

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Sorry, but that looks more like Evita than Mary. (Re: "Virgin of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich", on this issue's homepage. ---N) That is definitely the headdress of a Spanish dancer, not a Virgin Mother.

Someone should market a "Bible Sandwich Maker". It can imprint images of Moses, Jesus, Mary, Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark all onto your grilled sandwiches. Use whole grain breads to give it that sepia-tone look!

Jason Liquori
Hocus Focus Productions


I just wanted to thank Andy Lalino for letting the 2 people in the world who did not know it that U2 has a new CD out. (Re: "Oddervations", this issue.---N) However, I believe he got the title of the CD wrong. It is called "How to Dismantle a Huge Rock Marketing Machine". That is all U2 has become, a huge marketing machine. A nostalgia product. From what I have heard of the CD so far, it is commercial pablum. They must be advertising heavily on Fox News for Lalino to rush out and buy it.

The only good thing I can say about U2 is that they keep a steady paycheck coming in for Brian Eno (the 5th U2).

Take care,
Vinnie Blesi

Andy has chosen to respond to Vinnie's letter via the message board. ---Nolan

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