LETTERS  PCR #245     (November 29--December 5, 2004)

  Lonnie Dohlen on Andy's letter
  Will Moriaty on Oddservations, PCR #245
  Reader appreciates the Creature Feature Database
  Andy Lalino's Way-Late Halloween Letter!

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To Nolan:
In response to Lalino's letter, he should try the "Horrible Horrors Collection Vol 1 & 2" from RHINO.COM. It has "HORROR HIGH" (which Andy loves so much). I saw "Dracula's Castle", AKA, "Blood Of Dracula's Castle" on Fright Theater, Fri. Oct 17, 1975. The Interglobal Video (now defunct) is very poorly copied & should be avoided at all costs. I'm still trying to find "Parasite" (1982) 1st 3D Picture of the '80s and Demi Moore's film debut, and "Evilspeak" (1981) starring the horrible Clint Howard.

Lonnie Dohlen


This week's article was another great piece, Andy.

The story on Gateway Mall and your own personal history with it was fascinating.

One of my fondest memories was seeing Larry Linville perform as Felix Unger at the Country Dinner Playhouse in September 1986 on a date with my wife to be.

I passed by there innumerable times on my way to and from work first to WWBA Radio in 1973 when it was on 62nd Avenue North and between 1990 and 1993 when I worked at Dolin's Garden Center (also on 62nd Avenue North).

In addition to possibly dropping by the Dunedin Fine Arts center, we need to raid the library for more Paul Bearer updates.

Again, great work, Andy.

Will Moriaty


I just wanted to thank you for paying tribute to the most important shows of my childhood: Terminus, Shock Theater, and Creature Feature. I can't tell you much those shows meant to me when I was growing up in Haines City. It does my heart good to know that other folks remember and honor those shows. Thanks again.

Sam Hankins
Austin, Texas

Thanks so much for writing, Sam! Always good to hear from a fellow fan, and glad it's made such a positive impact. We are committed to preserving the works and memories of the productions and hosts of those programs that meant so much to all of us!

I'm forwarding your email to Andy Lalino, the main architect of the Database, so he can share the moment!

Best to you, and thanks again for writing. ---Nolan


Hey, Nole,
Great Halloween edition of N'sPCR. Will scored a one-two punch with last edition's excellent visit to the Dunedin Fine Arts Center Comic Show and this week's Count Carl von Cosel Florida horror story. Will, you should have given me a ring; I'm not that far from Dunedin and could have met you there. Nole's "La Floridiana" Special Edition Halloween graphic was a hoot!

Besides being resident PCR gadfly, Terence Nuzum submitted a welcome break from Pixies-gushing in his admirable "The Enlightenment" column featuring Halloween horror picks, in which all were good. I have some comments:

  • "Dementia 13" - This early '60s horror film reminded me a lot of the surreal "Blood Bath" (also with William Campbell), "Scream of Fear" (with Susan Strasberg & Christopher Lee) and too a degree "Curse of the Living Corpse" (with Roy Scheider). This is a film that frustratingly eluded me on Creature Feature, but is everywhere nowadays on DVD due to the fact it's a public domain title. If I see this, "Night of the Living Dead", "Carnival of Souls", "Horror Hotel", "The Last Man on Earth", or "Circus of Horrors", on any more $5.99 DVD boxes, I think I'll scream! I truly wish I had seen "Dementia 13" as a child. It would have been a great youthful horror memory.
  • "The Clown Murders" is an interesting pick in that I'm not too familiar with that particular title, but a 1975 pre-slasher featuring a killer with a clown mask sounds right up my alley.
  • "Deadly Blessing" is a great pick. One of my film school teachers, Matthew Barr, was one of the screenplay authors. I haven't seen DB in ages.
  • "Deathdream" - Can't wait to see this one. Never have.
  • "Eaten Alive" - Some of you won't believe this, but I actually saw "Eaten Alive" at the movies back in the early '80s with an alternate title not listed on the IMDB. I believe it had the word "Jaws" in it. At the time, I had no idea this was a Tobe Hooper film (this was the days before the internet and comprehensive B-movie encyclopedias, kids) and saw it at Tyrone Mall(!). Neville Brand is just incredible in this.

    Also, thanks for The Cramps pictures/review a few editions back, Terence.

    Brandon Jones' "Rakuween" spotlight was a lot of fun. I liked Nolan's treatment of the banner art. Brandon kind of looks like an evil Monty Python/Terry Gilliam animated cutout. Seems like you guys go all out for the Rakuween party. Wish it was a little closer than Dover, FL. Oh, and Brandon, you look damned sexy in sky-blue tights.

    Lastly, Nole, I liked your banner art. You kind of look like an evil Merlin from "Excalibur" who just ate a blood sandwich.

    - Andy

    Well, thank you, Andy, for all the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the Halloween PCR as much as I enjoyed putting it together. No matter how behind schedule I am (which is always), I will MAKE time for Halloween issues! ---Nolan

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