LETTERS  PCR #248     (December 20--26, 2004)

  • Matt Drinnenberg Comments on Deadguy's Dementia
  • Andy Lalino Comments on Mike's Rant
  • Steve Beasley Comments on Oddservations and Mark Biero

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Had to write in and make a note of how excellent it was to once again be able to read Mike "Deadguy" Scott (Re: "Deadguy's Dementia", PCR #247 ---N). Something I'm sure more than a few of us can agree on.

    I think you (Nolan) need to encourage him to write more. Surely there are some very talented writers on this staff, of which I do not consider myself one, and they stand alone to present a very entertaining and engageing e-zine as it is. But Deadguy definitely brings a little something extra, and hopefully we'll be able to peruse his words again soon.

    Matt [Drinnenberg]

    Matthew, it's not for lack of me trying that Deadguy's appearances are as rare as they are! Mike Scott, once one of our most prolific writers, left us almost two years ago after he got married, adopted his wife's son and a new life beckoned. I am grateful his life is situated in such a way now that he is back with us and can contribute a little more frequently now. I agree, his writing is incredible.
    Re: "I do not consider myself one [of the talented staff of PCR writers]." TUT TUT! I will not hear of this! You, sir, have made gangbuster progress in the last couple years, with an ever-growing political and religious fan base who share your views (and even a few who oppose it)! I think they would beg to differ as to your status here. I know I do!



    Read with interest Mike Smith's take on the "PG-13" ratings system imposed by the MPAA in 1984 (Re: Mike Smith's "Did Someone Say 20 Years" --N). When one compares 1984 (and previous years) to 2004 - a lot's changed. Let me give you a point of reference:

  • In 1977 I was 10
  • In 1980 I was 13
  • In 1984 I was 17

    Now that you've read this, you understand that I was a teen beginning in 1980, four years before 'PG-13' was imposed. In the years I spent as a very young moviegoer between 1977 and 1984, I was subject to some pretty violent stuff, as well as brief nudity under the "PG" banner. Take for example the face-scraping scene in "Poltergeist", the shark/killer whale attacks in "Jaws" and "Orca", Jacqueline Bisset's wet T-shirt in "The Deep", the lightsaber amputation in "Star Wars", and the tits in "Airplane!". Guess what? I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!!!! Not only that, I wanted more violence and nudity!!!

    Back then, my parents rarely if ever attended movies with me. It was always the neighborhood kids or a bunch of school chums who wanted to go out and see a matinee. IMO, that's the way movies should be seen as a teenager - without the 'rents! I mean, who wants to see a movie with your parents as a teenager?!? I recall seeing "Kramer vs. Kramer" in '79 with my mom - we sat in different sides of the theater for two reasons: when I was young it was not cool to see a movie with your parents, and I would have been embarrassed by JoBeth William's nude scene.

    Teens go to the movies to escape their parents and to get a taste of violence and nudity (at least teenage boys do!). The last thing they want to do is see some kiddie Disney or Pixar flick! Like I stated in a previous Oddservations, one of my fondest memories of my early teen years was seeing Bo Derek in "10" in 1980 at Gateway Mall! I was 13 years old! It was one of the highlights of my childhood seeing that movie! If I could go back, I'd do it again! To hell with Tommy Kirk and Ken Berry, I wanted to see Bo's funbags!!!

    I'm just saying let's preserve the very reason why we go to the movies: to see the things we can't on broadcast TV, meaning gore & nudity. PG and PG-13 is the gateway to that. Let's not let the over-sensitive censors water it down.

    Andy [Lalino]


    Hi Nole,
    As Andy Lalino sez, and as you know....Mark [Biero] is definitely one of us (Re: "Oddservations", PCR #247 on Mark Biero.---N). Tedd Webb's greatest skill is Bay Area Pop Culture and Mark's is just being a major fanboy and all around great guy.

    Please tell Andy that I really don't know of Mark has retired from broadcasting. I don't know him that well. His cousin, Tedd Webb would know for sure.

    The following address, if you want to print it, isn't Mark's personal address....just a place to send cards, etc. I wouldn't know his personal address. I really don't think he'd give that out.

    Say prayers and send get-well cards to ring announcer Mark Biero, who has lost sight in both his eyes from the ravages of diabetes. You can write to Mark at 2700 N. MacDill Ave. #218, Tampa, FL. 33607-2273

    Merry Christmas to you, Ron, Andy and the rest of the gang,

    Steve [Beasley]

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