LETTERS  PCR #250     (January 3--9, 2005)

  • ED Tucker comments on the year-end PCR, 2004

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    I just wanted to send you a few comments on the 2004 year end issue. First, I know I said this last year but it bears repeating, I am honored to be considered in such a high caliber list of contributors to this website. I don't agree with everything that gets said around here (which is why I deliberately steer clear of a lot of topics and discussions) but I value the opinions of the people saying it. I am also very honored to have been involved in both of your top two favorite issues of 2004 and scattered throughout the rest. It's always difficult for me to divide the time I have to write between the plethora of story ideas, research projects, and interviews I seem to constantly come up with. I am pleased that a small piece like the Jonny Sokko series retrospective meant so much to so many as the year end mentions indicate. Rest assured that I have many more projects on the burners, up my sleeve, and scattered throughout the house for 2005!

    - ED -

    ED, thanks for the kind words, I appreciate that. And if you've got even more rolled up your sleeve for 2005, watch out world! I take the year-end "most valuable player" lists seriously, and you absolutely deserved to be on there. I look forward to our continued affiliation and friendship. ---Nolan

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