LETTERS  PCR #259     (March 7--13, 2005)

  • Mike Smith corrects Ashley Lauren about the Oscar nomination process
  • "UFO Joe" Murgia takes umbrage with Nolan's review.
  • Steve Beasley on La Floridiana.

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Re: Ashley Lauren's Guest Editorial, this issue. ANY FILM that was released in 2004 (providing it has played in both NYC and LA for two weeks during the year prior to 12/31) was eligible for ANY Academy Awards nominations. There is no such thing as releasing a film too late so that it's not eligible for best score or any other award. Million Dollar Baby opened in NYC and LA on 12/14........which made it eligible for the awards it won and the ones it wasn't nominated for.

    Also, Clint Eastwood edits while he shoots. The film wrapped up in early August. It's not impossible to get it ready for release in three months. Hell, it only took 37 days to shoot. I wouldn't argue that perhaps Warner Brothers may have wanted the film ready for Christmas release (though they didn't go wide until January 28) but to imply that Clint rushed the film to win an Oscar is very unfair.

    Mike [Smith]


    (Re: My review of the ABC TV UFO Special with host Peter Jennings and my comparison of UFOs to religious visions. --Nolan] I hear that argument a lot. It fails to address the fact that UFOs have one attribute that Jesus and the Virgin Mary do not: they are caught on radar. That's a big difference. A military witness sees a UFO and it shows up on several radars at the same time. So, the comparison is a bad one.

    Shame on you!

    Joe Murgia
    NYC, New York


    Reading Will's latest piece brought back memories of listening to "The Art Bell Show". It was a real treat! I've missed reading "La Floridiana" since Will took the hiatus to write a book.....and can't wait to buy a 1st edition copy!

    Steve [Beasley]
    Auckland, NZ

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