LETTERS  PCR #261     (March 21--27, 2005)

  • Mike Smith recalls his bad experience with U.S. Air

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    [Re: "Matt's Rail", this issue] I'd like to share my US Air Experience that ironically occurred when I flew down to visit Matt in late 1989. My flight from Tampa to Baltimore, via Pittsburgh, left late and I arrived in Pittsburgh just as my Baltimore bound plane took off. I expressed my disappointment to the gate attendant and inquired as to whether or not they could have delayed the flight out as there were several of us heading to Baltimore that now had to: A. -- wait for the next flight and, B. -- hope there was room because we were now on standby. The gate attendant told me that US Air can't hold up departing flights because if they did, they would never be on time. Thankfully, we all got on the next flight which was scheduled to leave at 9:30. At 9:50 we were still at the gate and I asked an attendant why we hadn't left yet. She told me that we were waiting for another plane to land because there were some people on that flight that were catching our flight. I told her that I was told that US Air doesn't hold up departing flights due to scheduling problems and she just laughed. 18 minutes later, a group of 3 teenagers,. each toting a musical instrument, boarded the flight. To make the story even more ironic, like Matt's incident, they lost my luggage. A week later I received a phone call from a man in Canada. Seems he worked at the Montreal airport and, after seeing my suitcase just sit in the middle of the luggage office for a week, took the initiative to open it and discovered my wallet inside with my business card. He had called me to see I wanted my luggage returned. After we made arrangements we shared a laugh when he informed me that US Air didn't even fly to Montreal!

    Now you know why I'm driving to NolanCon!

    Michael A. Smith

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