LETTERS  PCR #262     (March 28--April 3, 2005)

  • ED Tucker on Beatles history (and Mike Smith's response)
  • A new reader is also a talented filmmaker
  • Reader remembers Leslie Ann Warren in "Cinderella"

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    Sorry to have to contradict fellow Beatlemaniac Mike Smith, but the Beatles song Helter Skelter was never issued as a single in the UK. (Re: last week's Mike's Rant.---N) It was, however, issued as a single in the US. It was released as a US single in May of 1976, almost ten years after it debuted on the White Album, as the B side of "Got to Get You into My Life".
    Here is the picture sleeve that was used for the US 45 of "Helter Skelter". You will notice they removed the song title from the sleeve, it's the same on both sides.
    Apparently after the highly successful made for TV movie on Charles Manson, Helter Skelter, Capitol Records was trying to figure out a way to release the song as a single without looking like they were making money off of a mass murderer. They originally decided to release it as a posthumous single off the White Album, since none had been issued originally, but then changed their mind and issued it as a single in support of the forthcoming compilation album Rock & Roll Music, which was released in June of that year. Capitol chickened out at the last minute, moved Helter Skelter to the B side of the single, and didn't even mention it on the picture sleeve! Apparently the "White Album single" concept never completely died because they followed through with it in November of 1976 and released "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" backed with "Julie".

    ED on the Hill
    Somewhere in England


    Thank you for your correction. I had no idea that "Helter Skelter" had been released in the U.S. and foolishly assumed it had been released in the U.K. in order to qualify for the magazine's list. Even though the song was on the "B" side of the disc I would still think it qualified as a release. Thanks again for the clarification.



    Heh, your AOL profile says CRAZED FAN BOY so I think my film is right up your alley...

    Larry's Cheap Plug

    Larry Longstreth II

    Larry, thanks so much for writing and welcome aboard! I went to your homepage and clicked where it said "OUR FILM" (readers, please do likewise), which took me to your webhost, iFilm, where I saw your movie, "Eyeball Papercuts". Terrific! I am continually amazed at the talent that surfaces out there. Readers, "Eyeball Papercuts" is a multi-part send-up of everything from crime dramas to movie trailers. And, if I'm understanding it right, apparently all shot on 8mm video! Keep in touch, Larry, and good luck in the future. Oh...and for the record, "FANBOY" is one word, ha ha.---Nolan


    As a young girl, I remember going to see a Cinderella play at my school in Stanwood Michigan. This was in the early '60s and I remember Leslie Ann Warrren playing Cinderella in this play. She made such an impression on me as a child that for years that play has stuck in my mind. Do you know if she even remembers this time period of doing this play? It was in either what they call Paris, Michigan or Stanwood. I loved the play, and have always been a loyal fan of hers from that day on.

    Thank you,
    Marie Bailey

    Marie, hello and thanks so much for writing. I would have no way of knowing if Miss Warren remembers this period or not, I don't know her personally. However, I definitely remember the '60s "Hallmark Hall of Fame" TV special where she played Cinderella---and Walter Pigeon played the king. Together with songs from Rogers & Hammerstein, a high water mark production for the series, to be sure! ---Nolan

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