LETTERS  PCR #270     (May 23--29, 2005)

  • Jason Liquori on REAPS
  • Fellow Magician Looking For Roy Huston

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Thanks for the review of REAPS (Re: The Coffeehouse Film Reviews, PCR # 269 --N). You did notice I used two vastly different cameras, which is good. It seems, however, that the reason was lost. Whenever the camera operator character's POV was not being used we switched to the more filmic looking 24p camera. It was sort of the "eyes of God". That is why you could see the camera operator throw up and see the REAPS making fun of him after he walked away. The cold, bright video-look was used for everything seen "live" through the camera.

    I was trying to avoid the cliche REC>>> symbol on the screen for 20 minutes. Sometimes these little experiments don't work.

    At least some of the jokes and Hollie's boobs kept people entertained.

    Jason L Liquori
    Hocus Focus Productions


    I was a professional magician for 30 years........it has been longer than that since I worked with Roy Huston. I just today came across some old letters we had back and forth a long, long time ago. I can't believe he is still doing that show! (Likely referring to my review of the Roy Huston Spook Show,
    PCR #136 from 2002. --N) He was doing that back in the 60's and I think he was a few years older than I at that time. I am now 61..........can't believe how time flies. When I knew him he was young, tall and handsome....nothing near the photo on your site. Getting old stinks!!!!

    It would be interesting to contact him again after all these years! Do you know how I could contact him personally?

    Thanks for your time........
    Barrett Ravenhurst

    Dear Readers: It is quite the coincidence that this story and Will Moriaty's story on Harry Wise The Wizard should surface at the same time. I responded to Mr. Ravenhurst that the only contact info I ever had for Roy Huston was filmmaker Diane Phillips' email address from 2002, which Mr. Ravenhurst tried, but found it no longer functioned. I also suggested he try the phone directory of Gibsonton, Florida, as I seem to remember that's where Roy Huston retired. There again, nothing he could find.
    If anybody out there knows any way to get a hold of Roy Huston (or if he's since passed on, any info on that as well), please email me at the address below so we can reunite these old friends and masters of illusion. ---Nolan

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