LETTERS  PCR #271     (May 30--June 5, 2005)

  • Another Dr. Paul Bearer Fan Makes Contact!
  • Where Can One Get "Mr. Jaws"? (Mike Smith replies)
  • Reader Seeks Dracula's Castle (ED Tucker responds)

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    I just came across your site this morning. I was reminiscing about my childhood when the doctor came to mind. I, like you, enjoyed many endless Saturday afternoons watching the doctor, laughing at his jokes and starring wide-eyed at the old movies. I joined the navy in 1985 and went on to another life and forgot all about the doctor in which I am greatly ashamed. I would like to say how he instilled a great love for horror in me and I truly miss him. I always thought about returning to Florida, turning on channel 44 and sitting down with my kids, introducing the great Doctor Paul Bearer. Now I cannot. The last of the greats is gone and the world is a far sadder place. I wish I had known about the tribute to this great man and that Saturday marathon you talked channel 44 into. I will always have a special place in my heart for a part of my childhood that is forever gone.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Keep up the great work

    Kevin M. Matzke

    Hello and thanks so much for writing! Always good to hear from a fellow Dr. Paul Bearer fan. The death of Dick Bennick some ten years ago was a devastatingly sad day for all of horror movie/host fandom. Saturday afternnoons were never the same. We are trying our best to preserve his memory and creativity with our humble efforts and are always grateful when a fan writes us to express appreciation.

    I'm glad you enjoy our website and hope you'll be a regular visitor. We will be having many discussions and showing videos relating to the great Dick Bennick this August at NolanCon 2005. It would be great if you could join us.

    Yours in fandom,
    Nolan B. Canova


    Hi, Would you happen to know where I might find a copy of the song parody "Mr. Jaws" (online or offline)? Thanks for any info you can give me.

    Robbie [no last name]

    Thanks for writing. You can find a download of Dickie Goodman's "Mr. Jaws" at the following web site:


    Hope you enjoy it. Also, if you get Dr. Demento's radio show where you live you might give a listen the next few weeks. With JawsFest this weekend and the 30th Anniversary of the film coming up June 20th I would expect the good doctor to break out this classic.

    If you have a problem with the download, just drop a line back. I have the album that contains the song, also entitled "Mr. Jaws" and will gladly make a copy for you.

    Thank you again for writing and thanks for reading the PCR!



    You mention Dracula's Castle . Its the T.V. version. Do you know of anyone besides Greg K. that might have a copy.

    Hi, and thanks for writing! Could you be a little more specific? Where did I mention Dracula's Castle, and who is Greg K.? ---Nolan

    There is a T.V. version of Blood of Dracula's Castle. I thought you would know how to get the version. Greg K. has one, but won't share with anybody. He has in own website on Blood of Dracula's Castle. That's who Greg is.

    Ahhhh....you want a copy of "Dracula's Castle" or "Blood of Dracula's Castle"! I had to do a search on my own website to see what you were talking about. I myself didn't bring it up, but ED Tucker did in Letters, PCR #246, where he said that title might be available from Rhino Records. I regret I myself do not have a copy of that film. Very sorry. Say Hi to Greg. ---Nolan

    I saw where the reader asked about "Dracula's Castle". I believe he is referring to the television version of this film with the inserted footage of the werewolf. As far as I am aware, there are no versions of this floating around because I would like to have a copy myself. The version released by Rhino on DVD is the theatrical one under the standard title "Blood of Dracula's Castle". There were a number of VHS releases on various labels but all of the ones I have been able to locate also use the theatrical version of the film (although some of the original source prints were in better shape than others). There are also a number of 16mm prints of this film floating around (it was a popular rental title through company's like SWANK) so it is possible that one of these may be the theatrical version. I even ran this one by the film's producer, the legendary Sam Sherman, to see if he had it but, since Independent International lost the rights to this title and they didn't shoot the alternate footage, he does not. If anyone out there has a copy of this version, please hook us up!

    - ED -

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