LETTERS  PCR #274     (June 20--26, 2005)

  • Andy Lalino on PCR
  • Reader Comments on Water UFOs (and Will Moriaty's response)
  • Will Moriaty on Oddservations

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Kudos to Drew Reiber for scoring a relevant interview with [George] Romero, well ahead of the pack! Enjoyed it immensely, and am very much looking forward to the "Land of the Dead" release tomorrow (Friday, June 24, 2005).

    Oh, and great photo of Geo! I wonder where you picked that up from?!? Geez, the least you could have done was ghost my image beneath the type...Hey, Nole, I've got a photo of me and Dean Devlin I can sell you cheap...(Readers: Andy's busting my balls because I cribbed the 1998 photo of Romero from an old Oddservations column ---N) BTW, in case you didn't notice Romero has lost a lot of weight since January, 1998 (making a movie will do that to you). I even heard he fainted or collapsed during exhaustive reshoots for LOTD. Here's wishing you well, George, and for Christ's sake, give up those coffin nails!!! We want you around for a good long time. Carpenter, too.

    Thank you, Nole, for the nice words and explanations in welcoming me back to Crazed Fanboy®. I have to say that I have missed being part of it - going cold turkey from CF™ is no easy feat. Also enjoyed the "small" fanboy summit with you, Ed, Will, Byron, and Dan.

    For those fanboys who care, the rarely-seen cable broadcast of the apocalyptic "No Blade of Grass" was shown on TCM a few nights ago. TCM is a gem of a cable network, and I hope it never goes the way of the traitorous AMC, showing annoying commercials and programming that's too damned modern.

    Andy Lalino


    Hi, Will,
    On your UFOs over Florida waters page you said: "Whenever I cross the Braden River on Interstate 75 heading for Miami I never forget that story. The Braden River is a relatively small water body not much wider many people's driveways, but it is deeply hidden in thickets of moss-draped Live Oaks and Pignut Hickories that almost conceal it from view, as if they are standing sentinels to guard some mysterious secret from the river's past. I lost the magazine and that article years ago and decided several weeks ago to go onto the web in search of it. Although I could not track it down,..."

    Check: http://www.waterufo.net/item.php?id=314

    Carl Feindt - Water UFO

    Dear Mr. Feindt;
    What an honor it is to hear from you!

    Thanks so much for sharing this story with us! By virtue of this e-mail, I am requesting that "Nolan's Pop Culture Review" publisher Nolan Canova include your e-mail and the link attached to it for this week's letter column so that our readers can finally get the opportunity to read about that great sighting in Manatee County, Florida in 1973 (coincidentally, I passed over the Braden River just yesterday!), as well as read your excellent web site http://www.waterufo.net/.

    With much gratitude and sincerity,
    William Moriaty
    "La Floridiana"


    Hey there, Nole!
    Andy's musings about my book (Current Oddservations ---N) were quite touching and I sent him an e-mail expressing my appreciation.


    Excellent, now would one of you two fine gentlemen like to forward that to me so the whole class can read it? --N)

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