LETTERS  PCR #280     (August 1--7, 2005)

  • Will Moriaty on "The Dukes of Hazzard" (and Mike Smith's reply)
  • RhondaK on obscure Florida film (and ED Tucker's reply)
  • Reader on Dr. Paul Bearer

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    Re: This Week's Movie Review by Mike Smith, "I don't plan to see the movie, but I'm sure that Mike Smith, God Bless him, will give us a great review on it." PCR Columnist Will Moriaty - November 15, 2004

    And true to form, he sure did!

    It was hard to utter the words above about a show that was one of my all time favorites, especially when I found out that Burt Reynolds and Willie Nelson (what Southerner could resist?) were going to star in it, but the original intent of removing the Confederate flag from the General Lee was just, well, "Un-Confederate" and a shameless bow to politically correct thinking.

    After reading Mr. Smith's fine review that not only is the Confederate flag on the car but is presumably discussed in an honest forum in the movie is very impressive and responsible, almost an echo in how far the South has come over the decades in attempting to rectify the demons of its past and demonstrating that it is also capable of bringing out the best in people to overcome the prejudices and injustices that were once an accepted way of life.

    Bottom line - - Call me a "flip-flopper" but I plan to see it!

    Thanks Mr. Smith - - you rule!

    P.S. Hope you end up giving a good review of the new "Miami Vice" movie!

    William Moriaty

    An honor to hear from you. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did.

    As for the "Miami Vice" movie, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. I was always a fan of Sonny Crockett so I hope Colin Farrell does him justice. And for the many people who have asked me this over the years: NO, I didn't name my son Phillip Michael as a tribute to Rico Tubbs.

    Michael Smith


    I have a question on a movie filmed in Florida(?)..."Paradise Island" from the 1930s. It isn't in James Ponti's Hollywood East. I'm looking for information on the film and in particular, a boat that may have been in it.

    Any clues for me to follow? Thanks!


    Rhonda, I myself am not familiar with the film in question, but if anyone out there in webland reading this knows about it, we'll hear very soon! ED Tucker's reply, the first to come in, follows.

    To out-of-town readers, the letter writer, RhondaK (pronounced Ronda Kay, not "Rondack" like you might be thinking) is, I believe, a columnist for The Weekly Planet, and, if I'm correct, I am certainly honored she chose to write in!  ---Nolan

    This appears to be an elusive film indeed or at least one about which little has been written. The IMDB lists this film as having been directed by Bert Glennon and starring Kenneth Harlan and Marceline Day. It was produced by a company called Tiffany Pictures which only made movies for four short years from 1928 to 1932. The film is available on VHS from www.nostalgiafamilyvideo.com. I suggest Rhonda acquire a copy and do a "book report" on the film for us. Just an FYI to all concerned, James Ponti's book Hollywood East is a wonderful read about SOME motion pictures that were filmed in Florida but it is about as all-inclusive as a budget hits CD of the 1960's!



    Dr. Paul Bearer was my gothic Capt. Kangaroo when I grew up in Florida ...every weekend I watched him on channel 44 , I had been looking up the song "Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" ..and thought ..what ever happened to Dr. PB? I had forgotten his pet spider and the invisible woman contests, etc..I was entranced and never scared by my fiend Dr. Paul Bearer ..some kids had Mr. Rogers...but I'll hold a nice and proper "six ft." deep place in my memory for this classic host...thanx.

    Unsigned AOL subscriber

    Hey there, I guess you stumbled onto our Creature Feature Database! Or Ed Tucker's interview with Dick Bennick, one of the two! Glad to help out and always glad to hear from a fellow Dr. Paul Bearer fan! Keep in touch. ---Nolan

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