LETTERS  PCR #281     (August 8--14, 2005)

  • Reader looking for John Methany

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    I was doing a Google for my high school choral director, John Matheny, and came across your web site. I have not seen or heard anything of Mr. Matheny since my high school days...32 years ago.

    When I looked at the pictures of John Matheny on your web site, I felt pretty sure this was my high school choral director from 1971-1973. Do you know, is this the same John Matheny?

    At that time, he also played bass guitar in a local group that did the club and private party circuit. Would love to know what all is going on with him, if this is the same guy. Would also like to e-mail him.

    Thank you for any help you can give.

    Harry (no last name)

    Harry, hello and thanks so much for writing! For several years, I've known John Methany as a video editor. He has been featured in many Coffeehouse Film Series reviews along with his picture on Nolan's Pop Culture Review. I occasionally see him around those events, so I'll ask him about the choral director job. If he doesn't show, I know quite a few people still working with him, so I'll ask them for his contact information. Hopefully, we can get you two in touch with each other! ---Nolan

    UPDATE: 8-15-05 Harry---During a social foray Sunday the 14th (i.e., Hooters), I had the opportunity to speak with Florida actor Joel D. Wynkoop about John Methany---Joel recalled John was indeed a choral director, very likely the one you remember. I got John's phone number from Joel and sent it to you via email. You should have it by now. Good luck and tell John I said "Hi!". ---Nolan

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