LETTERS  PCR #290     (October 10--16, 2005)

  • Reader Looking for Shock Theater Tapes

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    I'm trying to get a hold of someone who would have all the reruns of Shock Armstrong on video or reel-to-reelů..yes, it was that long ago. I spoke with the archives dept. at WTVT Channel 13 today. The young lady told me that she also remembered Shock Armstrong and said the reel-to-reels were stored in the upstairs location of Krispy Kreme Donuts down the road from the studio. Unfortunately, the building burned down about seven years ago.

    Can you help me find anyone to talk to who might help me?

    Mark Demmi

    Mark--- I am publishing your letter here to see if anyone responds. I never knew about the Krispy Kreme deal, that's pretty interesting. I think it unlikely that anyone will have old reel to reels, but one never knows. When we endeavored to find old 1½" broadcast tapes of Creature Feature we discovered all tapes had been destroyed or discarded except for about three in the hands of a private collector. But....we'll see what we can do. Thanks for writing! ---Nolan

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