LETTERS  PCR #292     (October 24--30, 2005)

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    Hi Nolan,
    Wow, what a blockbuster issue of PCR you have assembled for this week. Ed Tucker's comprehensive review of Screamfest made me want to be there. After reading Ashley's post on the message board, it is clear that she does not get it. What a great lineup of guests! I mean, OMG, Herschell Gordon Lewis was there! Linda Blair needs to lay off the plastic surgery though. And as an old Linnea Quigley fan I thought she looked great.

    Your evolution article was excellent, and was one the most intelligent responses I have read about this issue. Unfortunately, due to the current political climate, the American populace is searching for something, anything? Did anyone mention we are now at 2,000 American deaths in Iraq?

    Drow's excellent piece on the Sandman series is something that I have longed to see. As Gaiman is my favorite author I can really appreciate it. Now if only Sony pictures would release "Mirror Mask".

    Keep up the good work,
    Take care,
    Vinnie Blesi

    Vinnie, thanks for the kind words, my friend, and the support on the topics covered in this issue of PCR. Yes, we had a really good turn-out this week, haha! I'm glad you liked the piece on evolution and, of course, I agree that the problem with the population's acceptance reveals deeper issues than just resisting science. Mike Smith mentions the 2,000 dead Americans in Iraq in this week's Rant. ---Nolan

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