LETTERS  PCR #293     (October 31--November 6, 2005)

  • Christian Dumais on PCR #292
  • Matt Drinnenberg on Evolution (PCR #292)
  • Steve Beasley on Evolution (PCR #292)
  • Reader inquires about Carl Tanzler (and William Moriaty responds)

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    I have to agree with Blesi in praising last week's edition of PCR. It's probably the most solid issue I've read in a long while. From Ed Tucker's cover story to Jones' look at The Sandman to Nuzum's Zappa piece; all really well done and substantial. It's no wonder I keep coming back for more every week. As always, keep up the great work.

    I wish you and everyone else a very happy Halloween.

    Greetings from Wroclaw,

    Christian, Thank you, sir! Sometimes the chips fall the right way and sometimes they don't. I am also very proud of last week's PCR. Now watch: next week's issue will probably have just two of us writing, haha, everyone else will still be recuperating! ---Nolan


    Re: Evolution vs Creationism:
    I think a big problem in our education system today is we force feed the younger generation with what we proclaim as factual and solid.... Instead of offering up all the possible scenarios as a grouped endeavor of enlightenment bringing kids to discuss differences in all aspects of study whether communism, Christianity, Darwinism, etc..

    Instead of causing them to think, our education system brainwashes them with how they should think. Without full knowledge of events and history, you can't have full knowledge. And if you can't have full knowledge, it follows that there will be ignorance in those things you lack the knowledge of. And since that ends up being the case, the same error that is ignored by generations ends up repeating itself, as do the mistakes of those who follow blindly.

    The perfect example of this is Christianity today in America.

    Re: The Empowerment by Dubya: With everything we know as a culture about peoples following leaders blindly, and how that most times leads to disaster (Stalin, Hitler, Jim Jones), we still have that segment that is willing to believe a man proclaiming his faith and belief in God just because he says so. And not only do they believe him blindly like lost sheep stumbling in the wilderness, they elect him the leader of their very own nation. And why? Not because of what he did as a Governor, and not because of his first term in the White House, but because he says he's a follower of God.

    So here we are again making history, making the same mistakes as before, putting our faith in a man instead of the creed of our country of Freedom and Liberty, and we watch as the leader takes those creeds and puts them down via the Patriot Act. Or rather, the point is.... That as generations come and go the memories of scandal and betrayal begin to dim. Unless children in school are informed of all ideals, and what those ideals historically culminated in, the cycle will just repeat itself. Quite obviously following someone only because of what they say and not ensuring it matches their actions is a grave error.



    . THAT was one of the most awesome things I've read since you started PCR. In it you explain very professionally, yet very accurately "how-it-is". The truth is out there if people take the time to find out and do their own research, rather than relying on friends, acquaintances and local leaders' advice.

    You and I have had numerous discussions over the years and know where we each stand on the matter. George W. Bush is making the truth ever more difficult to ascertain, for those just now attempting to decipher the facts. Ain't it a shame in this day and age that you even have to bother deciphering, we should all be told nothing but that facts when we're in our formative years. The Bush Administration is setting Evolution back 100 years. The truth in America (as well as most of the world, including New Zealand) is out there ONLY for those willing to dig like hell for it!

    Auckland, NZ


    What ever happenned to Carl Tanzler's children (Re: "I Married The Dead!", La Floridiana, PCR #240)? I imagine it was not an easy life to be related to that kind of weirdo. Thanks.

    Wanda (no last name)

    That is an excellent question, Wanda, but one that I have never seen an answer to in any recounting of the Count Von Cosel legend.


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