LETTERS  PCR #297     (November 28--December 4, 2005)

  • Reader on Creature Feature music
  • Reader asks about Orlando-based personality

    Letters to the EditorWe welcome your feedback.


    Do you have an audio file of the Creature Feature theme song?

    Brian Mellgren

    Brian, I regret to say I have no stand-alone copy of the Creature Feature theme or background music. Currently playing on The World of Nolan (homepage) are clips from last year's attempted comeback which featured the original music in the background. Unless another reader has a separate copy and can forward it, I'm afraid that's the best I can do. Thanks for writing! ---Nolan


    Hey Nolan,
    I lived in Orlando for many years. I happen to see the bit about Sam Bahr. I knew him, not closely, but he was unique guy.

    You should do a a little research as he had a shoe store in downtown Orlando for years. His boast was we can fit any size shoe!

    He was a character on and off TV. As I said, truly one of a kind.

    Frank Jones

    Frank, thanks so much for writing, but I could not find anything searching Crazed Fanboy, so evidently you're referring to another source where you saw "the bit about Sam Bahr". I agree, it would probably be interesting to my readers, so I am grateful for the head's up! Please forward me a link to the source as a brief search on the internet failed to turn up anything substantial. ---Nolan

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