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Rocky Balboa
 by Mark Terry

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My Second Toe Is Longer Than Yours

Rocky Balboa  

This past week for me has been fantastic. Being an '80's kid, as I spoke about in my first article, has warped my mind....well maybe. I can remember my father taking me to hard core rated R movies at 7 years old. Movies like Raw Deal, Predator, First Blood, Cobra and so on. It was either Stallone or Arnold. My dad always thought Stallone was the most ridiculous but as a kid he was larger than life.

The Mandalay Bay Events Center which holds 12,000 had a few thousand dummies on hand. At a glance they looked like real people.
Looking back on it I can understand why my Dad would think Stallone's movies were out of hand. What we have is a 5'7 inch actor in most of his movies taking on the world. I looked at it differently. Here is a man who was born with a half paralyzed face and mouth. Slurred speech and yes was very short. To me it even proved to me that anyone could go the distance. Which was the theme of the first Rocky movie. For kids who are ten years younger than me I am going to make a statement you might not believe. At one time Sylvester Stallone was one of the biggest stars in the world!

When I heard the announcement a few months ago that "Rocky Balboa" (Rocky 6) was green light I jumped out of my chair. Stallone's themes in films, his never say die attitude, are proof that anyone can make it in this business.

My buddies and I out here in LA did some research and found out some info to get on Rocky 6. Puncher Productions was shooting from December 4th-8th in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay. Producer for Other Side Cinema, Lenny Lenox, and myself left for Vegas on December, 7th. The same night "Middle Toe" debuted here on Crazedfanboy.com

Now I have heard all the jokes about Stallone and the new Rocky movie:

  • "This time is he going to be fighting in space?"
  • "Can a 59-year-old man even take off his shirt?"
  • "Is Drago coming back?"

    Here I am excited during a take of Rocky 6. They said we could take pictures during takes so Lenny and I weren't shy about it.
    The answer to all those questions are NO, YES, NO! In this installment Rocky comes out of the retirement to go in the ring one last time against champion Mason "The Line" Dixon. (Antonio Tarver) I don't know too much more of the story except that Adrian (Talia Shire) is dead in the story before the movie begins. I also know the ending because I was lucky enough to see the last round of the final fight of the movie, but I don't want to ruin it for anyone.

    The question has to be from a lot of people, "Is this a good idea for Stallone to do at this point in his careerl/life?" I think that's the whole idea of this new Rocky movie. I tell people Stallone is one of my favorites, nowadays, I usually get laughed at. Let me remind you folks that the first Rocky was nominated for 10 Academy Awards including 2 for Stallone (Best Actor and Best Orginal Screen Play) He should have been nominated for Best Actor for "Copland" too. Stallone is one of very few actors who has 2 house hold names/iconic movie figures in Rocky and Rambo. Can you say that of Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise?

    In my personal opinion I think this new Rocky film and the forth coming Rambo IV (yes its in the works too) will restart Stallone's career like Clint Eastwood's career was restarted after "Unforgiven." Remember people got sick after 5 "Dirty Harry" movies and a few flops where Eastwood was running around with a monkey?

    Rocky wearing traditional colors takes on Mason "The Line" Dixon in the final round of the movie.
    On the other hand, much like Eastwood, Stallone is a director. To me that will be my biggest memory of seeing Stallone in action. Watching a grown man direct with his shirt off. Nah, I am just kidding. It was amazing to watch how hands on Stallone is as a director. During takes for Paulie (Burt Young), who was screaming at ring side, Stallone would be the eye line while pumping up the crowd of about 2000 people. After the take Stallone would RUN over to "video village" to look at the take. I have been on a shit loads of sets in my life, but I have never seen a crowd of extras applaud after every take. Stallone really had everyone in the palm of his hands.

    On a side note, Sylvester Stallone is in great shape for his age. He is even in better shape than pro wrestler, Ric Flair, who is three years younger than Stallone.

    Driving 560 miles round trip to be involved in this experience was well worth it. I think I really gained a lot to see what I did last Thursday. One of the biggest things I have learned is "life will only meet you half way." Thank you Sylvester Stallone for your movies and entertainment over the years. Oh my God, did I just quote "Over the Top?"

    On December, 6th at 8:01 PST I became eligible for the Screen Actors Guild. Thanks to 1st AD, Jason and the great cast and crew of the hit show "24." It means a lot to me. --Mark Terry

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