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"The Ghostly Sea Captain and His Cat", also "Clyde Butcher Update", and "For the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird Enthusiast"
by Will Moriaty
"American Wedding"
by Mike Smith
"Forbidden Tango"
 by Ashley Lauren
'60s Music, Current Movies, Books, and Comics
 by Terence Nuzum
"Hollywood, Horrorwood".....Comics
 by John Lewis
Bronko Brings 80 Grand...It's all Fun Till Someone Loses An Eye....Attention Drunks....One Shots
 by Brandon Jones
"Baby Superman"
 by Matt Drinnenberg
You Say It's Your Birthday....Jesus Christ and King Kong....When Teddy Said He Didn't Like His Heady....You Should Be Dancing
 by Mike Smith
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I'm astounded that after so many years of living in secrecy, that Nolan has decided to come out of the phone booth.

Looking back on time, I'm reminded of the relentless effort and constant desire to keep this well-hidden reality in check. Like all those times at Pop N Sons, whether on Dale Mabry or Fletcher, when he would slip and order his patty melt in lightning fast speed. Corey and I would no sooner point out that his "secret identity" was in jeopordy, and Nol' would be licking his chops in hunger fullfillment before we even picked up a fork!

Sometimes he would play with the waitress who would realize as she was placing the plate in front of him that it was not only empty, but sparkling clean. Many don't know, but now it can be revealed, that his super power plate licking skills are unapproachable by the common man.

Then there's the time that Blade was playing in Squire's Lounge at the old Twin Bays shopping complex. As usual the conglomeration of Corey, Scott V.S., Nolan, and yours truly were rocking down the house. It was the third set as we began to rip into our rendition of Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills", when all of a sudden, Nolan's fingers began moving over the frets faster than a speeding bullet. Yes, more powerful than a locomotive. We stood on the stage, mouths agape, pondering on the revelation of what could be upon us...the truth of his birth becomeing known to civilized man..that he, indeed, was the legendary Baby Superman.

It was at that moment that his heightened cranial activity began to usher in what was upon him....when all of a sudden, he stopped playing, turned and looked at the rest of us, and then slid back into a more human, if not still impressive, lead solo. Kudo's and fond appreciation to Corey, for taking the brunt of the Kryptonian mishap, as Nolan berrated him in public for hammering away at the drums much too fast. We all knew the truth, of course, and were placated that the secret was still safe.

While I have never personally seen him leap tall buildings in a single bound, Mike Smith has.......

"We were on our way to the Sandpiper Lounge in Clearwater, Florida. I remember it vividly because we were on our way to watch John Lewis and his new band (who at the time were making major headway into the heavy metal scene). When we got there, Nolan called Matt to be sure he was on for the next weekend's jam session. I didn't hear the conversation, but the next thing I know, I was looking at the soles of Nolan's feet. He went missing for only about 5 minutes, but later Matt would recall how he could have sworn he saw Nolan only seconds before he was covered to near strangulation by a floating, transparent "S" insignia. "I still don't know what the hell happened....after hanging up with Nolan, I was watching the Cowboys take on the Redskins when all of a sudden I was coma stricken..covered in this red and blue muck..and I could have sworn I heard a familiar HUH,HUH,HUH,HUH in the background, although I can't say for sure....don't quote me on that!!", Matt would say later.

Only now that the cat is out of the bag, or rather, the cape is pulled out of his crack and hanging off his backside, can we reflect on these now famous past and fast events. Pointing to the simple, unquestionable reality we've known for decades...that Nolan is not just 'the man'...but on his birthday and beyond....he's without question a "Super-man".

Till next time, take care and God bless,


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