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Holy Cow, things sure are different now that we're not in Kansas anymore, not that I have been in over a decade.

Due to an ever evolving job whose description continues to grow, I have had little time to do much of anything in the leisure capacity, of which this column belongs.  "Leisure" because it's something I really enjoy doing. Not for ego musings, but for two specific reasons.

First PCR serves as a time capsule to my past, where the most important and influential people of my life reside. The big bonus is that we get to read what each of us is thinking, and respond with prodding or praise, just like the old days. Wonderful is not sufficient to describe how great it really is. Those of you who have lost touch with your friends know what I'm saying.

Second, it gives me a rare opportunity I thought I'd never have to reach out to people. To maybe give them a viewpoint they hadnt considered. Not so much to agree with me...but to understand there is always more than one side to an issue.

Really, what could possibly replace being able to try and make people see truth when they're getting force fed lies and half truths. Of course, any honest ace will tell you that a "half"truth is nothing other than a blatant lie scattered with some fact.  Once the exception, the "lie" is now the truth. So much so that people allow themselves to believe what they hear, and then don't care to check the facts and see what they're hearing is innuendo at best. Worse yet, they bash the bastians of truth as misinformed.

A few issues ago, I posted a letter from a Canadian reader who supported my stance on truth and wondered, as do I, why alot of people don't seem to care that our war effort was done under the banner of deception. In my correspondence with my CanadianConnection, this was a matter of confusion for us.  As you know, we attacked because we said Saddam had WMD, therefore giving us the right to go in. This stance changed to the freedom of the Iraqi people almost immediately as they scrambled to find something, anything, proving the case of WMD.

It was then that Andy Lalino wrote in to the letters page, informing me and others who think like I do, that we're all wrong. That WMD has in fact been found, and that it's been all over the news!  Well, okay, I guess it was. While this would be great news (due to its affirming effect), it unfortunately is wrong.

WMD has not been found in Iraq. Trailers ready to make WMD or chemicals for it have not been found in Iraq. Nothing even remotely having to do with WMD has been found there. The CIA report about the matter is filled with speculation and littered with non info written in a way to make one feel that, possibly yes, there could be WMD. But it never says there is! In fact, it says there isnt. The report points to the chemical trailers found in Iraq, stating specifically that they arent the type of trailers used for a WMD purpose, but says they might have been. Were the trailers checked for the most minute trace of chemicals? yes they were. Were any found? NO. Further, the trailers found do not violate the UN order against Saddam.

The press in Britain came out months ago blasting our administration for being untruthful by way of half truth and found in they're investigation that there is no WMD, and that the trailers were most definitely NOT viable devices to produce it.

As for the American press, they don't report the news, they tell us what they're told to tell us. Otherwise, intelligent people like Andy would not have believe something that isnt true. Sadly, this errant reporting of non truth is not new to the American scene. This is why we have no idea why people throughout this planet hate us. Well,,,,I know why, but that's because I care to find out. The reasons are unpopular ones that I won't go into now.

Here, in America, LAST WEDNESDAY, the Pentagon reported that, though NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION HAVE BEEN FOUND, they might still be there! At long last....truth.

Ask yourself a question. Do you really know what's going on? Do you want to? You should if you consider yourself a patriot of this nation. Who do you listen to? Are you believing what you're told by the local news? national news? cnn? The Government?

Listen to what is said, and what is not said, and check ALL the facts. Don't discount a differing view, but embrace it. Maybe somewhere in the middle, we'll be able to rescue this country and return it to the people. I realize that's a lofty goal, but I believe America is about ALL of us, not SOME of us. And ALL voices deserve to not only be heard, but listened to. We have to start somewhere. Why not with you?

Till next time take care, and God bless

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