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Surely everyone was shocked by the news of John Ritter's untimely death. One minute he was on stage taping his new show "8 Simple Rules", the next he was sprawled out on the floor. Mere hours later, he had died from a tear in his Aorta that had gone undetected his entire life.

I think it's safe to say this is one of the most cutting and cruel realities of life. It's one thing when you have a family member who is suffering through terminal illness, but to just lose someone in the literal "blink of an eye" has to be crushing. At least with the first scenario, the person who is ill has a last chance to not only say goodbye to his loved ones, but to also come to terms with their mortality. Not wanting to get all religious on everyone, suffice it to say there has been more than one non-believer who has asked God's forgiveness at their moment of eternal truth.

For the record, from what I understand, and for those of you who beleive, John was a man of incredible faith, who we've all been learning had a life aspiration of making others not only laugh, but feel good about themselves. His pursuit of kindness and forgiveness apparently was unwavering in every aspect of his life.  It is being said that his wife, Amy, also has these attributes.

Many of you may know of Ritters 'fallout' with former 3's Company co-star Suzanne Summers. It wasnt so much John who had an issue, as it was Suzanne, who had let this rift (or misunderstanding) live for more than a decade. Just a short time ago (not even a year) Amy saw Suzanne while she was out with John and brought the two of them together to make ammends.

Summers called in to a local show here in Boston and was understandably upset.  A lot of what she said was incoherent due to her uncontrollable sobbing.  Most of what I could understand revolved around how she had wasted so many years for nothing holding a grudge that meant nothing over a man who meant everything. Ritter was more than forgiving and the two were planning on a project for next year.

So much joy and laughter brought to the world by a man who's only wish was to make others happy. Imagine how great it would be if we would all try to live our lives by that context.  

With Halloween right around the corner, how appropriate to with a monstrously wonderful Happy Birthday to the vavacious, curvacious Cassandra Peterson, who is still an incredible beauty at the youthful age of 52.  Who is Cassandra Peterson, you ask?  None other but the one and only Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Take Care and God Bless,

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