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As my regular readers know, I have been reporting for some time on the Forrest Ackerman/Ray Ferry trial and subsequent appeals. Though it's not pertinent to this article, I'll state again that Forry won the trial RE: Famous Monsters of Filmland, as well as the appeals.

As you also know, I have a website dedicated to the classic monsters of the Universal era circa 30's-40's, called THE MASTERS OF HORROR. On this website I have several links concerning my favorite hollywood era, including a covers tribute the the aforementioned FM.

Meanwhile, in the ratcave, Ray Ferry has been going about cyberspace threatening anyone with a FM covers tribute with legal action. Remove the covers, or else, is basically what it boils down to. Imagine my suprise, when I became public enemy #1. And just as my childhood idol Forry Ackerman before me, I too have suffered unwarranted accusations from Senor Ferry.

Being a Christian, I try to look at everything from all perspectives, and make an attempt to see every point. That isnt to say I don't sometimes fail my faith by blasting someone in an immature fashion. I think Nolan could concur that I sometimes give too much benefit of the doubt, as I was actually beginning to think there was some merit...some....to Ray Ferry's claims of FM being returned to him. That is not saying I thought for one minute Forry was not in the right. But I was looking kinda forward to the new FM coming out that RF's been promising for months now. I've always freely admitted I liked his version of the mag, and to say otherwise, even in light of current events, would not be truthful.

That said, I'm still stunned and confused at his accusations that he hurled my way via email that were, and are, completely untrue. To be specific, I was accused of stealing images and audio from Ferry's Filmlandclassics site. I was told to remove my FM covers gallery, the FAMOUS MONSTERS SPEAKS audio downloads and other graphics, including an animated mummy gif. If I didn't take these things down, RF would file a civil suit against me.

My reply was pretty basic. What the hell are you talking about Ray???? I don't have a mummy animated gif, I don't use audio downloads, and the covers aren't yours for the suing.

He replied that he would not tolerate me and would contact his attorneys and immediately prosecute.

I responded and stated, again, that he is incorrect. My site does NOT have the things he claims it does and I don't appreciate being harrassed over untruths and falsehood. I requested his attorney call me to explain how I am breaking the law to where he could sue me.

He then replied that he would forward me the URLs to see for myself. Of course, I haven't heard from him since. There are no URLs of my site he has a claim to. Just as there are no images on my site that came from his. I've sought legal council regarding this and have been advised that his threats are baseless and have no merit. Something I knew anyway, but it's always good to have legal representation.

In the end, I'm still confused and bewildered by the whole ordeal, although I guess some good came out of it.

Forry and I finally have something in common, and that's not too shabby.

Thanks, Ray!!!!

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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