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PCR #200. (Vol. 5, No. 4) This edition is for the week of January 19--25, 2004.
Matt's Rail

A Condensed History of the Native Indigenous Peoples of the Tampa Bay (or “La Bahia Del Espiritu Santo”) Region
 by Will Moriaty
"Along Came Polly"
 by Mike Smith
FANGORIA Weekend of Horrors, 1998....Boy George's "Taboo"....B-52s
 by Andy Lalino
The Black Dog Bites Back: from the Book of Joshua
 by Joshua Montgomery
Matt Helm, "Yea, Baby!"....Commercial Hall Of Fame
 by Vinnie Blesi
200....My Good Buddy Tom....The Rondo Awards
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Luke Ski Update....Casting Wish....Oh My God!....Passing On....Meet The Beatles 2
 by Mike Smith
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The numerical meaning points to a greater significance of unwavering devotion on the part of our esteemed editor, Mr.Canova. As difficult as it is for me to sometimes come out with a rail, imagine the unbending demand of a weekly newsmag, not only pulling articles together, but having something new and unique week in and week out to discuss and get the juices flowing. "Hats" off to you, my friend.

And unless I fell off the planet and don't recall, I do believe that Mike also still has never missed an issue of PCR, so kudos to you as well, homeboy.

A friend of mine, Tom, whom I've known several years now, called me the other day with some exciting news. He had just gone out and bought a 42-inch widescreen plasma TV.

Surely most of us would agree this would be something to be excited about if we were the purchaser. Heck, I'd be happy just to have 25 hundred dollars to spare for anything...let alone a plasma tv. Tom sounded like a kid who just robbed the candy store as we pondered NFL playoff action as well as our favorite movies, on this new addition to his entertainment being. Since Denise and I spend alot of time there with Tom and his wife, Lori, I am quasi recipient of this occasion.

Anyway, as our conversation continues Tom says: "You know that 53" TV I had in the living room?". "Yes", I replied.

"Do you want it?"

Say those words with me one time, why don't you. "Do you want it?" It's still almost impossible for me to fathom, that someone would actually give...GIVE...me a big screen sony projection tv. And yes...IT ROCKS.

Naturally, as should be the case with all important TV acquisitions, the first movie shown was "JAWS". "STAR WARS" was next and am now working on "THE THING" as I type this. And yes, the playoffs this past weekend were more amazing than they've ever been. Oh sure, I've seem games on big screens before, but when it's in your very own den, it's very very different.

At any rate...here's to my good buddy Tom, may all his dreams come true, except for next year when I whip him in fantasy football.

It's that time of year again, and the annual Rondo Awards are ready to be voted on.

What are the Rondo awards? Quite simply, it's YOUR voice, and YOUR vote that decides the winners in Sci Fi/Horror category's ranging from Best Magazine, Best WebSite, Best Article, Best Writer, Best Movie...the list goes on and on.

Go to www.rondoaward.com and cast your vote!

Till next time, take care and God bless

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