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A little while ago, Ray Ferry reported on his site that someone was using Yahoo™ to set up a slander web page against Ray Ferry and Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine. Naturally, being the chosen threat valve for RF, I assumed this was referring to me.

I was wrong. There is yet another person out there who is proclaiming truth to those who may be done in with lies, warning people not to give Ferry their money. This guy, as I did, lost money on remaining subscription issues when FM first went down. Ferry claims the courts have those names and won't give them back. That in itself shows the laughable falseness of his assertions concerning the lawsuit he lost, and Famous Monsters, the magazine he lost. IF he had won, the names would have been returned, but I've heard that the names were never taken in the first place....so who knows. At any rate, someone else is striking back with an online cyber protest.

While it's true I probably would have checked out this site anyway, I must confess that it is due to Ray Ferry that I even found out about it. So in truth, in his effort to keep the truth quiet, Ferry is actually prompting people to check it out themselves. This, of course, is supremely wonderful. And since RF claims the guy spams responders to the site, and gives computer viruses, I felt very safe contacting him.

We've corresponded a couple times now, and while I haven't been spammed or virused, unbeknownstto me, he sent my emails to Ray Ferry at Filmland Classics as part of the cyber protest. Ray, of course, sent me yet another threat, this time saying my email was forwarded to the authorities. Heck...read it for yourself:

"Attention Sender:
Your e-mail message has not been read. It has been forwarded to the legal authorities for appropriate action. A formal complaint has also been forwarded to your service provider.
Filmland Classics"

I find it quite uplifting that RF would go thru the trouble of typing this after he read the emails. I know, I know, the message says it wasn't read. And yet, the Subject Text was altered, and my email was CC'd. This can't happen unless an email is opened to read. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand this email came from Ferry himself.

It's amusing to be threatened over a personal email that wasn't even sent to the guy, but forwarded without the original writer's intent. You can say pretty much anything in correspondence. Opinion is allowed in this country, as is telling the truth. The altered state of that is that people who lie and cheat will get away with it for a while. Eventually though, truth catches up to them.

Ray Ferry will be no different.

Amazingly, even though I've been in contact with Yahoo, and they know and understand the truth, they allowed Ferry to have my FM pages on my site waxed. I find this amusing. Why? Because I just recently downloaded all of my pages to disc and am about to load them on to a private server anyway, with a new dot-com address. I did email Yahoo letting them know they should talk to their own people before they make a move like this.

As for the Ray-ster, he has perjured himself yet again, and as the email said that was forwarded to him, I am now seriously considering legal action in regards to his threats and attacks. Not so much for me, as I don't believe in suing people in place of forgiveness, but for Forry J Ackerman's legacy, and everything he means to me. That will sound stupid to some of you, but you'd just have to walk in similar shoes to understand his impact on my life.

Naturally, I'll keep you all abreast as issues evolve, and visit my MASTERS OF HORROR site for the lastest rundown on FM in the Latest Issue.

Till next time, take care and God bless

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