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Book Review -- "Ghosts of the Air: True Stories of Aerial Hauntings"
 by Will Moriaty
"Kill Bill, Vol. 2"
 by Mike Smith
Air....Walkmen....Xiu Xiu....Von Bondies
 by Terence Nuzum
My Take On "Reinventing Horror Films
 by Andy Lalino
The Kill Bill Miracle....Donald Who?....Miss USA, Super-Soldier
 by Brandon Jones
Iraq....Resident Evil games
 by Joshua Montgomery
Andy's Forry Encounter....Amity island, Here I Come
 by Matt Drinnenberg
The Punishment....Trivial Knowledge....Meet The Beatles, Part 13
 by Mike Smith
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Though it's a little late in coming, I simply have to respond to Andy's article on his trip to Ackland, Karloffornia. More specifically, with his encounter with many a childhood legend, certainly mine, Forrest J Ackerman.

Known by many of his faithful fans as Uncle Ack or Dr. Acula, Forry has been most elusive to my attempts to come face to face with the main man. I was going to live the dream, and meet him at Monster Bash '02, but alas, he fell ill and, due to serious medical concerns, had to cancel. Talk about your major bummers!

I have just received my latest invitation to attend this year's Monster Bash, and Forry is supposed to attend, but my schedule is going to make it next to impossible to attend. More than likely, my one shot has faded into the echoes of obscurity. :-(

Fortunately, there are those lucky, lucky souls who actually got to meet our beloved uncle, and those of us not so fortunate can live vicariously thru their adventures with 4E.

Thanks for a wonderful article, Andy, and it is more than a worthy tribute to the man himself.

That's right, Jaws fans. this coming monday I head to Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard for a little anniversary vacation. Wifey and I are celebrating 14 years this coming Wednesday. Hard to believe it's been 14 years since I knew what I was talking about......uh.....anyway....

Yes, it's Amity Island. Land of lore for the Jaws faithful. I'll be there for 4 days of sun and fun, checking out the major Jaws sites as I always do. Of course, I'll be wishing my old buddy Mike was there to take in the excitement, but alas...his dream is yet to be fulfilled.

It seems that this Rail is all about unfulfulled dreams. As well as living vicariously thru others, as I believe Mike has actually met the amazing Ackster (As has your fearless leader, back in '88, then again in '93.---N).

I'll be taking pictures of my trip of famous Jaws sites, such as the amity hardware store, the boat lift, and maybe even the city council boardroom! OOOOoooooo!!! But mostly, we'll be sunning at the beach that made Jaws famous. Unless it rains, then we'll be hitting the pub to hang with the locals, which always brings insightful info on the topic of choice. Do I really need to tell you what that is?

As always, it will surely prove to be another excellent visit. Just wish my homeboy could make it.

Till next time, take care and God bless

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