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Before I begin, I'd like to give you all a quick lesson is proper word usage. We will begin this tutorial with two words, they being:

1.SCUM - (skm) noun - syn: trash - A worthless person, dispicable. Sentence: "That guy is nothing but scum."

2.BAG - (bag) noun - syn: satchel - Something generally used to carry a number of items. Sentence: "We have filled the bag with abundant apples."

Now, when you put the two together, you get a new, exciting word. One that, many eons ago, the forfathers of righteousness bestowed on some ignoramus who surely deserved it. That of course is "SCUMBAG".

For Matt Starr to do what he did, and to have been a Christian youth councelor, is without question one of the more dispicable, arrogant, and stupid things I have ever witnessed (For non sports fans, Matt is referring to a recent incident where Starr muscled out a 4-year-old boy to jump and catch a home-run baseball; subsequent scenes showed him smirking about it. --N). When I first saw the tape I was in shock at what this jerk did, but once I realized that his life was now dirt it made it a little better.

Some of you out there may be saying that, because of my professed belief in Jesus Christ, I shouldn't say something like that, and that may be true. But as He is fully aware, and as many of you can understand, I have absolutely ZERO TOLERANCE for the mistreatment of children. In ANY sense.

And now this guy wants to give the kid the ball. Too little, too late. Even if he had given the kid the ball at the game out of a momentary surge of smarts, there would still be the image of him shoving the kid out of the way, and diving (completely unconcerned about this little 4-year-old) for the ball, pushing the kid against the seats with his body. But he doesn't even have that, because he chose to sit there like a smug, selfish, jerkoff, punk, scumbag. That just can not be erased.

This type of incredible stupidity is something that has no place on this earth or beyond, and I'm glad this bad impersonation of Bozo the Clown got found out for what he is (VERY bad impersonation--no need to besmirch beloved Bozo.---N). For the sake of his soul, I hope he has a true revelation and eventually understands that behavior like that is wrong...and why.

Yes, as the above ad banner shows, I am more than willing to stoop to the low, sad level of free, shameless, self-promotion.

Thanks to Nol' for the critical counter advice. It was heeded and implemented. (Re: the Masters Of Horror homepage hitcounter, which I recommended from my old friends at Bravenet. My pleasure Matthew.--N)

As for the site, I continue to find poster and lobby card images to put up. The posters page has been completely revamped with, I dare say, twice as many posters and lobby cards as there were previous to my unwelcomed exile into oblivion.

Hope to see you all there soon! And remember to vote in the monster poll!! And if you have any ideas at all, or requests, be sure to let me know, and I'll try my best to appease the beast within.

God Bless,

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