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Ah yes, the spinwheel of life just keeps goin' round and round so that we are here at another 4th of July. It seems the older I get the quicker these holidays come around.

I'm sure that many of us are going to be able to experience the holiday in the proper fashion, which is having at least a 3-day weekend, bested by only the 4-day vacay (of which i am a grateful participant). There will be grilling aplenty, and of course the usual dispersment of grain and/or hops and barley beverage.

As we're suckin' down the cold ones, I hope each of us takes time to reflect on how very lucky we are to live in America. Can there really be any dispute that the essence of this incredible nation, and the dream of its inspiring glory, is unmatched on this earth? Clearly I'm not referring to the political spectrum when I say truth and righteousness is the cornerstone of this great land. At least that's always been my ideal of what this country stands for. Perhaps this is why I've been so disheartened lately by the unapologetic liars and refusers of truth and righteousness, while doing so under the guise of Christianity.

Still, that reality notwithstanding, the true America is bigger than just an idea, or a promise. It is the essence of all that can be right in the world. Many could scoff at that as there is also much that is wrong, which would be true. But the fact remains that the only thing that can screw up our greatness is the people we put in office, and even then they can only ruin the perception of America, not what we are really all about.

So with that in mind, slap some bar-b-q on the T-bone, knock back that icy cold beverage, and really appreciate just how good you have it, and don't allow anyone to ever take it away.

Happy 4th of July everyone. PLEASE be careful.

So, Scott Peterson told some babe that he was so lonely due to his wife passing away that he was thinking of tattooing "Horny Bastard" on his business cards.

Since this conversation occured while Laci Peterson was still alive, you could just as well place Stupid Bastard there instead.

Stupid Bastard would also apply since he told two differing stories of his whereabouts during Laci's murder. Also fitting for the fact he said he saw her wearing black pants, and yet the last time she was seen she was wearing khaki pants. Just as much for selling her car immediately after her death. Seems like any way you slice him, he's Stupid Bastard Beef.

The good news for Scott is that he considers himself a Horny Bastard. And if my suspicians are right, he's going to a place that not so much appreciates as utilizes Horny Bastards to their ultimate extreme.

Good for him.

Till next time, take care, and God bless.

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