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Thats right, Dead fans. George Romero has confirmed that a new installment in the series is on the way.

The film, to be called Land of the Dead, has the dead at a time where they have taken over the earth. It will center around a specific city location where people are forced to live in highly protected areas with only the very rich living in high rise buildings. To get their food and necessary supplies, they must venture into unprotected locations, thus encountering, and piqueing the interest of, the Dead who, by the way are beginning to show signs of advancement with a spring in their step.

Romero admitted he prefers the slow methodical dead for those who may be curious, so I would surmise their will be plenty of dead for everyone.

Romero is hoping to film the movie in Pittsburgh, tho the studio wants to filmed abroad, due to cost. Being soooo close, if I'm still up here when it films, you can COUNT on me being there for part of it, begging to be one of the dead, or victims! Which brings me to .....

Question: If you had the chance to be in Land of the Dead, would you prefer to be a victim (a la the blood pressure machine) or one of the dead (yes, those of the canniballistic kind). Click the link below and let us know!

http://vote.sparklit.com/web_poll.spark/ 851289&sparkKey=6c03bd7f213be268ab24551 d020ef4fdb0

I'll post the percentages for you next week, but will keep the poll open for a while to give everyone a shot!

And while I know Nolan doesn't go in for polls, this is different. This is special. This is the Dead. This is Love.

As I always like to do, I'll begin this by letting GW speak for himself. And as he always does, he just makes it way too easy. This time, while appealing to those at a food bank in DC......

“I hope people around this country realize that agencies such as this food bank need money. They need our contributions. Contributions are down. They shouldn't be down in a time of need. We shouldn't let the enemy affect us to the point where we become less generous. Our spirit should never be diminished by what happened on September the 11th, 2001. Quite the contrary. We must stand squarely in the face of evil by doing some good.” - Bush, 12/19/02

Hmmmmm. By doing some good, eh?? Well, truth is good, so let me do some good right now and point out, again, what a fraud this man is:

The Congregate Nutrition Program helps keep alive soup kitchens as well as meals on wheels programs for those who have either less or not. Bush's budget in 2003 (which he has working on during the speech above) called for a freeze of funding to this program. Meaning, not only in essence but in reality, 36000 seniors are now cut from the programs, while the 139000 on waiting lists are continually denied.

Bush even had a chance to rectify this atrocious behavior with his new budget, but his 2004 budget calls to continue the freeze, meaning even more starving seniors will have to go without.

Yessir, that's what I call doing some good. NOT!!!

Till next time take care and God bless,

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