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Book Review: “Florida's Miracle Strip: From Redneck Riviera to Emerald Coast” by Tim Hollis
 by Will Moriaty
 by Mike Smith
Headline '89: "Grindhouse Cinema Fans Storm Tampa Theater"
 by Andy Lalino
Happy Birthday, Nolan!....Doom 3, It Was Worth The Wait
  by Vinnie Blesi
Tampa Comic & Toy Convention
 by Brandon Jones
In Honor of the Nol-Meister....Bush Speak
 by Matt Drinnenberg
Happy Birthday....Movie Lines....Movie News....Next, Please....Passing On....Meet The Beatles, Part 29
 by Mike Smith
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As you all undoubtedly remember from past Rails, this is the special week where I get to shower our Commander in Chief of PCR with great platitudes and compliments. That being the case, I wrote a little poem just for ol' Nol. So without any further ado, I present:

The Birthday of Canova

The first famous meeting, I remember it well
Born from the bowls of a no-car hell
Walking the earth, with Mike Smith in tow
Quite unaware of where we were to go

Coming upon a little book store
Went looking for pulp, yet found so much more
For behind the counter at that part of town
Was Nolan Canova, that man of reknown

Our friendship grew quickly, thru mutual glee
Of Famous Monsters magazine and Uncle 4E
We spoke of the covers, and favorite issues
Now excuse me while I blow my nose on these tissues


Was soon we discovered a bridge musically
That I'd push Nolan off of occasionally
But that notwishstanding, we burned the house down
With Corey and Scott, and that great Tampa town

The Hats, and then Blade, it's true as we know
That both incarnations are magnifico
But not for the music, and not for the glory
As much for the friendships and the love of the story

And through all these years not one is diminished
For the memories growth is not to be finished
Instead of time lost, look what's to be found
A future of friends who's love will abound

So how can I find one word that could say
What you've meant in the past, is here now today
As you are a man with a heart soft as cotton
Who's friendship endures, and is never forgotten

I love you, bro. Happy Birthday.

(Thank you, Matthew. That was really cool. Back atcha, bro. --Nolan)


At a campaign rally this week, Bush was speaking about how John Kerry wanted to expand government by 2 trillion dollars. He then paused for applause, which I was happy there wasn't much of. Perhaps that's because maybe he was speaking to thinking, knowledgeable Republicans, like myself, who are sick of not so much the rhetoric, but the never-ending barrage of lies and deceit from this man of God, Bush.

Maybe these people understand, as I do, that Bush couldn't possible grow government that much, because he's already surpassed 3 trillion in gov't growth. Hmmmmmmm. It's just the worst thing that could happen to a guy who proclaims to unify people, yet does his damnedest to drive a wedge between Americans; thinking Repubs, that is.

Many of you may know about Bush having demonstrators pushed outside his campaign zone so his TV always looks pro-Bush. Happened again the other day to a woman who, admittedly, wanted to hear what he had to say. She took a shirt with her that was Anti-Bush, which was confiscated before she was allowed to enter. Once Bushes cronies got word of it, the crowd was searched for over an hour until she, and her family, were physically escorted out of the area.

I wish I remembered her name, because she mentioned something that should be of concern to all Americans. And that is that we, as American citizens, have the duty, and the RIGHT to question our leaders and oppose them in a free and public manner. This is afforded to us in the Constitution. But I guess that's the problem.

Bush cares as little about the Constitution as he does about us. Well, maybe he'd use it to wipe his ass, but I doubt if he holds it to that esteem.

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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