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Certainly many of you have seen the campaign ad on TV by now. A few veterans, who claim to care about truth, launching attacks at John Kerry in claiming his Bronze Star to be fraudulent. This, because they claim his swift boat never came under fire on the day he pulled his comrad from the water of the disabled swiftboat.

Of course, none of these men were on the swiftboat Kerry captained. Granted, some of them were in the vicinity, but weren't actually ON Kerry's vessel. Some of them, like Larry Thurlow, were awarded Bronze Stars for risking their own lives to save others while being under "constant enemy small arms fire", according to his Bronze Star certificate.

Who is Larry Thurlow?

He's the guy who says there was no small arms fire. He's also the leader of this band of radicals who claim to be purveyers of truth yet speak in tongues of dishonesty. They're also self-proclaiming Republicans, which just makes my regurgitation want to increase.

Naturally Thurlow refused to authorize the release of his military records. But thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, and the Washington Post, we Americans can now clearly see the incredible fraud perpetrated by the untruthful who claim to be truthful. These men have no conscience to clear their names with ultimate truth. Instead, they desire to further exasperate honesty in their claims which are refuted by official medical documents, as well as other men who were also present at the "time of dispute", as well as the man whose life Kerry saved in risking his own.

You have to ask yourself, why would these men purposely lie in order to try and shame another human being? Why would they lie in an attempt to discredit an heroic act that deserves credit? I'll tell you why.

Because these men are solely interested in their goal as Republicans, and that is to help Bush win the election...at any cost.

While these men certainly deserve our gratitude as a nation for laying their lives on the line, there can be no gratitude for further intrenching the truth of Republicanism in lies and deceit.

Thurlow says he refused to allow his records to be released because he was worried Kerry would use the documents against him. But in the end, it's truth that has pointed out this horrific, unconscionable fraud.

I confess I was bothered Bush embraced this ad, especially given his service record, or lack of it, but it shows once again that he doesn't suffer from a lack of character, but that he suffers from having none at all. Or in the words of Harvey Keitel "Just because you are a character, does not mean that you have character".

Till next time take care, and God bless,

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