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PCR #234. (Vol. 5, No. 38) This edition is for the week of September 13--19, 2004.
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Like many of you, there have been several times when I have had to suffer thru major disappointment in my life. There was the time when I was a kid, and it was Christmas time, and I just knew without reservation that under the tree would be the ultimate gift: The Batman Utility Belt. To my eventual sorrow, it just wasn't there.

Much like the point of Josh Poltilove's article. I just can't seem to find it. (Re: Baylife article on Crazed Fanboy, this week's frontpage. --N)

What we all thought to be an article on our dear friend and his grand ideal that is Pop Culture Review, ends up looking like a dis-jointed effort to publicly insult him by way of making his endeavor appear to be nothing other than a seismic stroke of an assumed self-serving ego.

Completely ignored is the fact that the writers come from all walks of life, with not only varying ages, but varying religious beliefs and political views. Beliefs that are shared and views that are debated. Christian, Non-Christian, Atheist, Agnostic. Neo-Republican, Conservative Republican, Moderate Democratic, Liberal Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Green Pary. If a particular article spurs multi-writer interest, you end up having all facets of understanding on the topic. Not slighted toward one point of view, but all encompassing. Is that self-serving?

The fact that visitors are encouraged to write in with their feelings and thoughts is totally missed, as is the offer for personal one-on-one interaction with the writers themselves, giving the people something they usually can't find in a broad way...a voice. Nolan's standard line of "Everyone's entitled to my opinion" isn't a self-fulfilling prophesy of arogance as it seems to come across in the article, but a call to arms for all writers on his staff to be opinionated and respect everyone's opinion, even though you may disagree entirely with their point.

As for the content....

Pre-released Movie Reviews, engaging articles on Florida's history as well as commentary on today, political views from not just Republican and Democratic angels, but every angle with heated debate, interviews with major celebrities, original fiction, the famous Top Ten lists, Lalino's Oddservations, CD Reviews for cutting-edge music. And of course let's not mention the open invitation to new prospective writers to submit work for consideration to publish on the site.

Now someone please explain to me how this consititues the tag "Weird"?

Maybe it's weird because the writer of the article doesn't understand the concept of multi-genre/multi-view conglomerated thought which reaches a state of totality. Maybe he finds it weird because he's adapted to the current spoon-fed mentality that's plagueing this nation. Whatever the cause or reason, there can be no mistake that, thus far, there have been over eighty thousand "weirdo's" checking PCR out.

Yes, my disappointment is pretty thorough. The only positive I can see out of this is that possibly people will come by and visit just to see what he's talking about, although they may be utterly confused when they find something engaging, thought provoking and entertaining, as opposed to something that is just geeky and "weird".

Meet Shawn Polley. He's a 44-year-old dude that just loves to party. So much so that he thought falling asleep on a train track was a good idea. Obviously, this is not a good idea, especially when your brain is spanked with alcohol.

Meet the train engineer, who more than likely said something a might stronger than "Golly", when he realized he was about to drive his train over a human being. Slamming on the breaks, he brought the train to a stop just after two engines had run over Polley....

..who was still asleep on the tracks, unaware of anything.

When the police showed up on the scene, the guy was still counting sheep, or beer cans, and had to be awakened and pulled from under the train.

Said Officer Jay King "He's just a lucky guy".

Possibly the understatement of the year.

With all the stupidity, dumb comments, and wishy-washy waffling coming from the administration this week, I really don't have anything I could add. Just read the news, folks. Just read the news.

Till next time, take care and God bless

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