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Much has been made about President Bush's service record, or lack thereof. Seems like every time you turn around someone has something to say about it, whether it's pro or anti-"W", and the ferocity with which this news is plastered across the televsion can be likened only to a trodded fire ant hill. You put that size 13 shoe on the hill, and the ants are gonna freak out. Give it time, and they'll act like nothing ever happened.

As information comes down the pike, we can only hope that those in a position to do so, will indeed insure that what they are saying is iron clad, 100% verifiable and true. While this isn't necessarily the case a lot of times, you can usually find some snippit of news that can justify someone's position for or against whatever the issue may be.

Until now.

Just as many of us suspected, the big story that was broken by CBS news anchor Dan Rather is so non-existent that you can't even say it has holes in it, because there isn't enough of anything there to have holes.

What is really confusing about this is that CBS is constantly in the crosshairs of the Bush administration and GOP for being Anti-Bush and Liberal to the extreme. And their way of proving that is wrong is by taking a story and running with it, without even insuring what you're going to say is true. Not only did they do this, but they did it in the face of countless real and true issues that should have been called out instead.

Okay, I'll confess it's not like FOX doesn't have its share of bogus nonsense which makes them seem illiterate in the realm of true news, but I can't think of a time where they took completely fabricated information and presented it as factual and true. To say this is unchecked fraud is probubly the nicest thing I can come up with.

So what's next? I suppose nothing will come of this as there just isn't any honor to be seen these days. Should Rather resign? If he was the driving force behind this, and I am under the assumption he was, then the answer has to be yes. How can CBS nail Bush over the Iraq fiasco and lying to the country and not hold Rather to the same standard of expectant truth?

This just reeks of scummery, and we all deserve better from one of the leading news resources in this country. And that includes President Bush.

As I write this the comic genius known throughout the world as Rodney Dangerfield is laying in a hospital bed locked in a coma.

This news came as a complete and utter shock as I had heard nothing regarding Rodney other than that he was going to have surgery a little while back. But it is now being reported that, while the surgery was a success, the big R slipped into a coma where he has been ever since.

Certainly I don't need to mention the high esteem I hold this legend in. I'm sure most of the writers here feel the same. This man is just a joke machine that never seems to end and his classic one liners make you laugh just to think of them.

Naturally for his fans the grand ideal would be for him to come out of this, and continue doing what comes so natural. His family is certain to be more concerned with just having him around.

Here's hoping at least one of these come to fruition.

Nolan, you can correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe we're ever done a top ten Live albums of all time. The "of all time" is very important and should be taken as literally as it can. If you know of a Glenn Miller live album you think rocks, put it down. Or if it's something current, put it down. Basically, if it rocks your world and can stand the Nolan test theory of "if I was stuck on a desert island and 10 albums washed ashore", then it's right for the list. (I looked and looked, I could swear we did this one already, but so far haven't found any evidence. We may have to take you up on it! ---N)

Till next time take care, and God bless

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