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 by Will Moriaty
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Well, tonite is the night that none of us have been waiting for. It's the dog and pony show, featuring John Kerry and ol' W himself in what is sure to be a non enlightening moment in TV Politics.

Now don't get me wrong. There is nothing I would like better than to see these two cowpokes go toe to toe and have the Bushmeister stand up to a real 'thinking mind', because it should be clear to all he would fail miserably. The thing that Bush does better than anyone is stuffing the fluff. Putting things in a way to where you sympathize with his point before you even hear what he has to say. And don't get too excited if he is missing that point entirely, as he has no intention of making one. His goal is simply to say what he's told, and not deviate from it.

Example question: "Mr.President, what do you plan to do about the mold and fungus growing outside of the west wing"

Bush's example answer: "Well, since we were attacked on September 11th, the world has changed, and it is our responsibility to make sure these terrorist killers never have a chance to harm Amarka again"

Example question: "Oh! okay. But, how does that have anything to do with the mold and fungus?"

Bush's example answer: "Look, it's this simple. On September 11th we were attacked. That's the whole point of our mission in Iraq, to insure these terrorist killers can't attacked us again"

Example question: "Um. Not to get off my initial question of mold and fungus, but I thought we went there because of WMD"

Bush's example answer: "Saddam Hussein was a tyrant to invaded countries, murdering innocents in his path. He did so without evidence of attack against him. It was our responsibility to free the people of Iraq and make the world a safer place, especially after September 11th, 2001".

Example question: "So we didnt go there for WMD, we went there to kick out Saddam and free the people of Iraq?"

Bush's example answer: "You do know we were attacked on September 11th, don't you?"

Unfortunately, we wont get anything that compelling as the questions, and answers have now been gone over for several weeks by each candidate, and Bush has insisted NO questions other than those be asked. Out of fairness, this was extended to Kerry as well. Nothing worse than a politician having time to come up with excuses and slighted ideology to support their position. Fortunatley for them most people in this country don't have a clue as to what really goes on so to them it will appear to be compelling.

Who knows. Maybe the networks will end up giving us what we deserve. According to the 'Presidential Rules" governing this 'debate'(?) the cameras are forbidden from showing Bush when Kerry is speaking or Kerry when Bush is speaking. The networks, however, just came out yesterday saying they'll put their cameras on whoever the hell they please. Hopefully this won't cause Bush to take his ball and go home.

Example question: "Thank you, Mr.President for being here this evening"

Bush's example answer: "Well, on September 11th...Uh...Oh....thanks for having me."

Post-debate addendum: I actually forced myself last night to sit and watch the entire "debate" and was suprised (and pleased) that information given on more than one network regarding the rules of the debate were erroneous. Such as knowing the questions so they can practice the answers. Will comment more on this next week but felt I needed to add this to point out just how errant some news resources are and how easy it is to accept it. Just the thing I gripe about!

Yes Kong lovers, the beast of Skull Island is the King of all, and now he can be considered King of the internet as well.

I have discovered a most excellent site that any and all Peter Jackson fans (or King Kong fans) should know about. At this site they have daily video with Jackson, his crew, and the actors going thru the filming of the new King Kong, which is scheduled for release Christmas 2005.

The web site is www.kongisking.net. Check it out!

Till next time, take care and God bless

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