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Well, as I mentioned in my addendum last week, I actually forced myself to sit and watch the entire "debate" and was suprised (and very pleased) that information given on more than one network regarding the rules of the debate were not just erroneous but blatantly wrong. How amazing. How...regular.

Bush and Kerry were not supplied the questions in advance, as I had heard on at least 2 networks. As it turns out, this fact actually lended itself to what I supposed Bush might say in last weeks Rail.

Although the topic of fungus and mold was not brought up, Bush answered every question with 9/11isms. That the first thing out of his mouth was that September 11th happened and things will never be the same spoke volumes. I realized then that once the debate got down to issues, Bush would be lost. Given that his big lead over Kerry is now history with Kerry gaining momentum I'd have to ascertain that the majority of folks agree with me, otherwise he would have seen an increase.

Really, there was only one participant who had anything new or fresh to say, and was obviously shooting from the hip. Bush delivered only the mantra he had been told to deliver. Nothing else. When he did have to think fast, he stumbled badly and ended with another 9/11ism or Kerry is bad for the troops or Al Queda, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Okay. Yes. I will admit that 9/11 happened. I will admit that Al Queda was involved. I'll admit the Saudi's were involved. I'll admit Bush doesnt care. But Kerry bad for the troops is something I just can't figure. Kerry is doing the very thing those soldiers are fighting to give the Iraqi's. Speaking out with FREEDOM!!! Kerry, as all of us, has the right to speak out against those things that are fraudulent and/or wrong concerning our government. The facts that Kerry mentions regarding the precursers to Iraq are, indeed, facts. Did Bush refute one of them? No.

Those soldiers, who I along with Mike consider brothers and sisters, can fight for freedom knowing that it is still alive and well in the United States of America. What greater motivation to serve your country than to know its precepts are flourishing. Bush disagrees because he thinks he can use it to his gain. According to W, Kerry saying the war is wrong directly puts our troops in harms way. What a bunch of garbage. To even suggest that would be to suggest that our troops are weak minded and soft, and I know for a FACT that they are strong minded, determined, undetered, and strong willed...just as they were trained to be.

What's the greater insult, standing up for that which you believe is right, or constantly mentioning (for our troops to hear) that those who disagree with you are against them!

Oh, the hypocricy.

I would like to thank VP Dick Cheney for directing people to a fact finding page about the lies and deceipt of the Bush administration.


While I initially thought this was a slip of the tongue, there have been just too many of those '"slips" to discount the possibility that God is pointing out to their supporters just how fraudulent Bush, Chaney, and their administration is.

Of course, there will always be those who don't care the ones they support lie and scheme and screw over the masses because they like getting their ears scratched instead of enlightened. Just as there are those who will support Bush just because he's a Republican, which he really isn't, even though he carries the tag.

But there are also those who can think and manage actual thought. People who are willing to put their Americanism before the Policalism and see what is there for all who seek it. Those are the ones who have found, since Chaney's faux paux, the truth and fact that Bush is contrary to not only himself, but the One he professes to worship.

Reality and truth are strong allies for those who seek those things.

Sadly, Rodney Dangerfield has passed away at the age of 82.

As I reported last week, Rodney has been in a coma ever since undergoing surgury, but this past week emerged long enough to kiss his wife and smile at his doctors.

The comic genius of this man will certainly be revered for the rest of time.

Till next time, take care and God bless,

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