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I'm sure it won't be a suprise to anyone that I strongly disagreed with Brandon's assessment of things in regards to Kerry and the now famous "Lesbian Chronicles". My main point was that Kerry has the courage to stand in front of the nation and speak what he believes, damn the torpedos. And while I don't see digression of truth as fair game, I must acknowledge that I can see where Brandon is coming from.

There is no way to know for certain whether or not Kerry preplanned saying what he did regarding Mary Cheney, just as there is no way to know for certain why Bush refused to be sworn under oath when he testified in front of the committee. Brandon's argument against it is valid when placed in the perspective he places it in and makes a good point in referenceing Gephart's daughter. I believe mine is just as valid coming from the context I've placed it in and will add that Kerry isn't running against Gephart and his VP, but Bush and his, who happens to be Cheney, who happens to have a gay daughter as well, so it is going to be her, not Gephart's daughter who is fresh on Kerry's mind.

In regard to myself, Brandon and others, we are all allowed to our opinions on this and any matter and I won't trash anyone for their beliefs, even if I disagree. I will, however, applaud Brandon for caring enough to want to know the facts, and having the will to speak out to those things he disagrees with. I wish everyone in this country took that stance, whether I agree with them or not.

I hadn't heard about the gentlemen handing out the anti-Bush flyers. We are in agreement that fanaticsm of that sort just has no place. While I can understand his confusion with how people could actually vote for W (which stands for waffle), there are ways to display your displeasure more appropriately.

Possibly some of you heard about the the ruckus out west in Nevada where a Republican group was encourageing people to get out and vote. Let's not have another 2000, they cried. And then, at the end of the day, Democratic registrations were discarded and those that said "REPUBLICAN" were not.

And even though a judge heard this case and acknowledged that voters WERE defrauded, the judge disallowed them the opportunity to re-register saying ""While this court believes that each individual's vote is important and must be protected ... the court finds the requested relief is not warranted". Why? Because they feared a floodgate of election day litigation on the part of voters.

You want to talk dispicable? With all the technology we have we're devolving rapidly. Once again, the people are left behind.

Dems in the state are now in a fury trying to get the message out to everyone that if you registered to vote, and you're a democrat, you may have to register again. Certainly some will end up having their rights as Americans flushed down the toilet.

Honestly, I'm pretty furious myself about all of the scummery out there, on part of both parties. I'm not so ignorant to say that the Democratic party is the party of political love, but I'm likewise no longer ignorant to the fact that we Republicans aren't either, even though a lot of us think so. And while it would be great if someone took the high road, we can never allow ourselves as citizens to accept lies and deceit in the name of fairness. Indeed, it is cause to ire our every fiber and DEMAND more of our leaders by continuing to replace them until they learn, and that goes for the entire political community.

Despicable? Absolutely. Fair game? Never.

Till next time, take care and God bless

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