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Can't say I'm all too suprised that W was able to outlast Kerry for another term as President. With every broken promise and errant decision out there for all to see, the fact he had supporters at all shows that there are many out there who are either clueless to reality or ambivalent toward it.

Since this is the factoid of the moment, I have had to come to certain decisions about all this in terms of Bush, the man. It goes without saying that he has been, to me, a HUGE disappointment, due specifically to breaking promises to those in need in the worst way, and his use of my Lord as a political tool. But since I'm faced with dealing with him for 4 more years I thought about the posibility of wiping the slate clean and giving a fresh opportunity to do right for a change. And then I heard his view of the election.

Bush seems to be under the impression he had a sweeping victory in a very large way. While it is true that, due to the record turnout, more people voted for him than any sitting President in our history, it is equally true that more people voted against him than any sitting President in history.

Instead of recognizing this fact, and looking at it as the indictment it is for his critical failures of his first term, he sticks his head in the sand of denial. To top it off, Cheney said today that the reason they won so convincingly was because they ran off their record.

Huh? Ran away from it is more like it. For those of you who missed it, their strategy was very simple. Instead of a campaign based on truth, they chose deceit, lies, and slander in Kerry's regard instead. Not very Christian-like. There is a standard of truth and righteousness that God commands of those who follow Him. I point that out to those of you who may be suprised to learn this.

My big worry is the draft. I'm prayerful that this promise will not be like so many others. But why have a bill appropriating funds to open draft offices throughout the country to be staffed in full by July if you aren't planning on using them? Really, seems pretty disengenuine. He has to have troops for the coming invasions of sovereign nations in the name of "spreading freedom" and with Iraq, the pool is woefully short. I pray I'm wrong on that, but I really don't think so.

I guess, for me, the next four years comes down to my faith. For the Lord tells us that he sets up and takes down kings and kingdoms. There is a reason that Bush is still in office for whatever that may be. My only hope is that it isn't because of impending condemnation from the Living God, but rather another chance at renewel.

Till next time, take care and God bless you.

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