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I'll just assume that most of you don't know who Ron Artest is.

He's a guy who, fortunately for him, has some athletic skill in the basketball arena. So much skill that he has not only been able to make a comfortable living, but is also highly regarded on the court.

Or at least he was.

You see, like so many athletes before him, Ron has decided he is also a Rap artist, thus he didn't see the problem with asking his coach for time off to recover from the hectic recording schedule.

The only problem with this, of course, is that he is a basketball player on a team in the NBA and their season has started. As a member of this "team", he has several other gentlemen whose overall goal of a championship lies not only with themselves, but the other guys that suit up with them. Sounds a little old school, but the "old school" ideal is simple: team first, individual goals, second. I mean, really, how can you even show your face in the locker room now knowing that everyone understands you care more about yourself than the team?

Sure, that's nothing new today. Sports and life are filled with those who are selfish and whose common goal is simply satistying their own desires. The problem with this situation is that, while that is commonly known some players are this way, they aren't usually stupid enough to come out and say it. His reward? Suspended from the team for two games, which doesn't seem like a lot, but since these guys make about 209k a game, it is.

What was Artest's response? He said that he's a man, and being a man means doing what you want to do.

Yes, you heard me.

News flash for the selfish: being a man doesn't have jack to do with doing what you want to do. It has everything to do with living up to your word. Saying something and standing behind it. Being responsible and accountable to those whose lives you directly affect. Speaking intelligently with thought instead of with ignorant selfishness. Showing up for games to help your team win because...hey...IT'S YOUR JOB.

Like so many selfish players before him, he is showing he doesn't deserve this job and should be kicked off the team. And that could happen, given that the GM for his team is Larry Bird, former NBA great and now-living legend, who is widely known for not having any love for stupidity and ignorance.

Funny, isn't it? How these guys think they're a prima donna, and in an effort to show it, end up looking like a prima dumma.

According to the Filmland Classics site, FM 238 is completed and about to be mailed to subscribers. The cover is of "Teenage Frankenstein", which Arliss chose to paint green. Looks much better than issue 237 which I thought looked rather grade schoolish.

As you may recall, yours truly has been informed that this mag shouldn't be published at all, and yet it continues to come out. While one would think that this situation would be resolved by now, it continues to drag on. Will try to get more current info for the next Rail in regards to the lawsuit (FJA/RF), but as we've learned, info doesn't really change a lot of things.

Till next time, take care, and God bless,

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