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Surely all of you at some point this week have heard about the latest TV rigamaroo regarding sex on television, brought to us by those icons of taste...Disney corps ABC.

But just in case.....

ABC's Monday Nite Football begins each telecast with a skit whereas at the end of it some famous tv or movie personality says the now famous Hank Williams Jr. line "ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL".

Unfortunately for ABC, while many viewers were indeed ready for some football, they weren't exactly ready for a stark naked Nicolette Sheriden (who is white) jumping into the awaiting arms of football sensation Terrell Owens (who is black), convincing him to skip the game for a little locker room sex.

As soon as I saw this I knew the floodgates of discontent were about to gush over the horizon, and boy was I right.

Reaction regarding this rather tasteless skit has ranged from irate African-Americans proclaiming racial insensitivity, to the average Joe saying something along the lines of "cool"! As always, when you have two differences of opinions like that there can only be a clash of cultures.

I've heard everything from "this is obviously a racial mandingo move" to "what guy wouldn't want a naked Nicolette Sheriden coming on to them". Both valid statements to this generation to be sure. My personal take on it is this is that Monday Nite Football is still in the family hour, and only a complete and utter moron would consider showcasing blatant immorality to children in this day and age. Especially after an incompetent was just placed back in power of this nation by these very same folks.

Some say that the mountained molehill was immediately created by these Gladys Kravitz Christians who don't have enough to do but sit around and point fingers at people. I can certainly understand that view given my disappointment in regards to the lack of thinking I just had to witness from this group of sheep, who seem to wander blindly until told what to think by their parish.

But still, whether you personally have an issue with the skit or not, there is a standard sense of morality that needs to be in place in such arenas if nothing else than to guard our kids from it. Not that they can't find it on the internet at the click of a Kazaa download anyway, but the runaway train that is insensitivity to these same children has created a new sub culture of non-caring selfishness that only a few can overcome.

In regards to ABC, which lauds itself on being the bastion of family entertainment, I can only hope they are hanging their heads in shame. Maybe that will be enough to stop Walt Disney from spinning in his grave.

Have not received any new info regarding FM from my source, but have learned that copies of the new issue of FM are showing up on eBay. Have yet to see them at the comic dealers and book stores, but again, as soon as I have relevant info, I'll bring it to you.

Till next time, take care and God bless

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